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5 ways to disinfect your tech and keep colds and flu away

The Centers for Disease Control often warns of the dangers during flu season. Different strains of the virus spread across the U.S. every year.

Each year the CDC tries to predict the worst strain and provide flu shots to help in the battle.

Still, tens of thousands of people get sick, some cases resulting in death.

Hand washing and covering your nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing are highly recommended. But have you ever thought about the things you touch every day? We use and share our tech devices on a daily basis; we can assume they carry plenty of germs.

So how can you make sure your delicate devices stay germ-free?

1. For serious germaphobes!

Banish bacteria using UV-c light. The PhoneSoap Charger cleans, sanitizes, and charges your device all at once. Just drop it in once a day for germ-free surfing and calling.

It safely kills 99.99 percent of germs by utilizing bacteria-zapping UV rays and it fits and charges almost any phone.

2. Keep your laptop germ-free

Antimicrobial keyboard, trackpad and palm rest covers can keep germs, grease and even pet hair from invading your device.

The covers are almost invisible and the best part is they’re washable! Moshi, NewerTech, iSkin and Protect Computer Products all make these covers for less than $30.

3.  Don’t forget to keep your screen clean

Washable screen protectors for laptops, tablets and smartphones are inexpensive and easy to apply and remove.  Boxwave, BodyGuardz, iSmooth and Moshi sell these for anywhere between $5 to $40, depending on the size. They can be used on the outside of the device or on the screen and won’t impact your touchscreen capabilities.

4.  Use what doctors and teachers do

Ultra-Sleeves and Chef Sleeves are clear, hygienic and protective iPad and tablet covers.

The covers go over the entire device and you can toss them at the end of the day.  These are especially popular for anyone working in health care or in restaurants. They’re also great for teachers or students who share devices with multiple people during the day.

You can find a pack of 25 for under $10.

5.  Use a magic wand

You can use this sanitizing wand at home or on the go! It kills germs on your tech and a whole lot more. You can use it on your remote, on food containers, computer keyboards, toys, faucets, mobile phones, steering wheels, shopping cart handles and just think about all of the uses on an airplane or in a hotel room.

The travel wand’s UV-c technology destroys more than 99 percent of bacteria and viruses within seconds and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Wow! Detect the flu before you show symptoms

What if you have an over-the-counter handheld tool that can detect the flu before it happens? Click here for more on the device that can catch your flu!

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