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5 ways to seriously extend your Apple gadget’s battery life

For as much freedom as your amazing iPhone and iPad give you, you’re still limited by one very frustrating reality: Battery life. Regardless of how great your data plan, how many gigs of storage you have or how big or bright your screen, it all comes to a screeching halt when your battery dies.

What’s worse is the fact that poor battery life isn’t a sign that you picked the wrong gadget. Even the best smartphones and tablets on the market still won’t last more than a hard day of use. That’s because that all of the high-powered processors and blazing-fast RAM come at a very high power cost. The only way to hold on to your gadget’s battery life is simply to use these energy-sucking features less. Or follow these little known secret tricks!

In today’s Apple tip, we’re going to teach you how to stretch out your iOS gadget’s battery life.

1. Upgrade your battery

The iPhone 7 or 6s under heavy use will go about 5 hours, and older iPhones running iOS 10 will get maybe 4 hours. The 7 and 6s Plus gets an extra hour, but that’s still not all that much time before you’ll need to recharge.

You can stretch that out by keeping gaming, video watching, using the Wi-Fi and other energy-intensive tasks to a minimum. But even with light use, after 10 to 12 hours you’re going to reaching critical battery levels. When you’re traveling or not near an outlet, that’s a problem. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Grab a portable external battery. An external battery can easily be carried in a purse, backpack or jacket pocket and can massively extend your gadget’s battery life. We sell several in the Komando Shop.

The Portable Charger & Backup Battery can fully charge a drained iPhone 2.5 times before the external battery has to be charged.

If you’re after something for camping or other rugged activities, the Weatherproof Charging Pod Power Bank can charge your gadget 3 or more times, and it’s rated against dust and water.

If you’re outdoors, another great option is the Solar eCharger Electronics Charger. It uses solar panels to charge an internal battery, which you can use to charge your gadget. As long as you the sun, you’ll never run out of power.

2. Make sure that your settings are solid

One of the biggest energy vampires on your iPhone gadget is your screen’s brightness. Dimming your screen, even just a bit, can save you hours of battery life.

To change your brightness settings, first open up Settings>>Display & Brightness. On the Display & Brightness screen, first switch the “Auto-Brightness” option off.

Auto-brightness dims and brightens your screen depending on the time of day, and often overcompensates. Now, slide the Brightness slider to the left to dim the screen.

The dimmer the screen, the more battery life saved. Try to keep your brightness at a comfortable level. There’s no need to cause eyestrain just to save an hour of battery life!

3. Always remember to check what you’re running

Just because you press the Home button on your iPhone doesn’t mean that an app is closed. In fact, your iOS gadget usually leaves the app running in the background. To make sure that an app that you opened isn’t sucking up your battery life, here’s how to shut it off:

Unlock your device and then quickly press the Home button twice. Swipe left to see all of the apps that are currently suspended on your device.

To shut off a suspended app, swipe up on the miniature app screen. You’ll see it fly up, up and away. Problem solved! The app is shut down until the next time you open it.

4. Turn off features that you don’t need

One of the other major drains on your iOS gadget’s battery life is features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both use radio receivers and transmitters to connect your Apple gear to other devices. Those radios burn through your remaining battery power. Even when you are not on a Wi-Fi network, your Apple gadget constantly searches for nearby Wi-Fi signals, using up precious juice. Luckily, turning them off is only a swipe away.

To turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them, you don’t even need to unlock your device. Move your finger to the bottom of the device (under the Slide to unlock text) and then swipe upwards.

You should see the quick menu scroll up from the bottom of your screen.


To turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (second and third from the left), unhighlight both of the icons in the quick menu.

5. Low Power Mode

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 10, you should know that it includes an emergency Low Power mode. Switching to this mode adjusts your screen, shuts off unwanted signals and stops apps from running in the background.

To enable the Low Power Mode, go to your main Settings page and click Battery. There will be an option called “Low Power Mode” and you just need to toggle the switch on.

Even though your phone won’t do much more than make calls and texts, you’ll get a few more hours of battery life. In an emergency that could be all you need.

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