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5 simple ways to protect your home this winter

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Winter months can bring some serious challenges for homeowners. Icy driveways and walkways, frozen pipes and power lines can cause a lot of damage.

Whether you tough it out or take off to warmer climates, you want to keep your home safe over the winter months. That means you need protection from thieves while you’re away. Protect your home with the security system that protects my family, SimpliSafe. Visit today, for a special offer just for you!

Plus, slippery, snow-covered roads can be challenging for firefighters, police and paramedics responding to emergencies, so you need a plan in place to protect your home until help can arrive.

1. Think like a thief

Thieves are always looking for moments to strike, and winter offers them plenty of opportunities. They target “snowbirds” who leave their homes for months at a time for warmer areas.

They pose as delivery or service crews (driveway not shoveled … hmmm there’s a flag no one is home!) to scope out neighborhoods, and we all know about porch pirates, who take your deliveries right from your doorstep.

But what do thieves hate? A great security system like SimpliSafe.

2. Protect your home with SimpliSafe

Our sponsor SimpliSafe takes home security to the next level and can help put your mind at ease. SimpliSafe is a wireless security system that is super easy to set up.

SimpliSafe offers door and window sensors and pet-friendly motion detectors for security. The loud 85dB siren in the base station, with the option for a second 105dB siren, will drive off most burglars.

This security system doesn’t just protect you from intruders, SimpliSafe also has sensors for freeze warnings, floods, carbon monoxide and smoke detection. You also get a panic button in case you feel you’re in danger inside your house.

3. Keep watch on your hood

Go high-tech with your neighborhood watch. SimpliSafe’s outdoor cameras can keep an eye on suspicious activity on your street. SimpliSafe cameras stream in 720p HD video and work seamlessly with the rest of your system.

Don’t worry about overloading your digital storage, SimpliSafe cameras use what’s called “Intelligent Recording,” which means they only activate when the system detects activity.

4. Don’t let power outages make you a target

Power outages can happen at any time. During the winter months, frozen power lines can knock out power to entire neighborhoods and that’s a perfect time for burglars to sneak in and out of your home.

It only takes minutes for burglars to clear your home of your prized possessions, and most are aware that since the power’s out, most security systems aren’t working.

Since SimpliSafe is a wireless system, it keeps working via battery backup until your power returns. This means you don’t need to worry about anyone taking advantage during a power outage.

5. Always know what’s happening

When you’re away from home, you can customize your SimpliSafe text alerts and push notifications to stay in the know. No matter where you are, you can feel safe knowing if anything happens, you’ll be alerted.

SimpliSafe will notify you when there’s a power outage in your home or neighborhood and will let you know how long it will be until power is restored.

BONUS: As always, prevention is key

The number one step to prevent your home from being hit by crooks: SimpliSafe’s security system! Of course, there are other things you can do, too.

While you’re on vacation, don’t post pictures on social media — it’s a billboard telling people you’re not home. Don’t make it easy for thieves to break into your home or a neighbor’s home (Did you leave a ladder or hammer out after putting up your Christmas lights?). And don’t let your mail or snow pile up while you’re gone!

SimpliSafe is a great way to protect your family and your home. So don’t wait for something bad to happen. Keep yourself and your family safe TODAY! Visit to protect your home with SimpliSafe.

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