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5 ways to get Kim’s eBooks about smart homes, making money, using Amazon Echo and more

For over two decades, the Digital Goddess, Kim Komando, has shared her knowledge of technology with people around the globe. Her passion is evident with the vast array of material she shares through numerous platforms including her radio show, podcasts and daily writings on the Komando website.

Who is her audience? Techies and non-technical individuals, alike, who are interested in the latest digital news or desire to learn about technology and how it can affect or be useful in their daily lives.

In addition to being a national radio host, USA Today columnist, Fox News contributor, and guru to the masses, Kim is a best-selling author of more than a dozen eBooks. That’s right; the Digital Goddess has several eBooks that tackle topics such as buying smart home devices, tips for Windows 10 users, and ways to make money from home. We’ll show you how to get them on Amazon, Nook, Google Play eBooks, Kobo and free with your Kim’s Club membership.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of her newest releases and how you can get hold of them.

Komando books available at Amazon

A quick search of Kim Komando on will bring up a large selection of Kim’s books, including these two Kindle editions (free for Kindle Unlimited members): “How to Use Amazon Echo: Tips and Tricks” and “How to Make Your Home a Smart Home on a Budget.” If you are interested in how to incorporate smart technology throughout your home, these eBooks are for you.

Kim’s recent release, “How to Use Amazon Echo: Tips and Tricks” introduces you to Amazon Echo, the smart speaker that connects to the voice-controlled personal assistant Alexa. This eBook will instruct you how to set up your Echo device and discusses its many capabilities.

Whether it be assisting you in the kitchen with measurement conversions, setting a timer, or building a shopping list, Kim explains how the Amazon Echo can help with those skills and numerous others. Beyond examining Echo’s tasking ability, Kim covers troubleshooting tricks and provides a glossary with some of the most helpful Echo commands.

Once you have your Amazon Echo all ready to go, why not consider investing in other technology for your home such as lights, plugs and streaming devices? Not only can technology offer you convenience and safety, but it can save you money.

Many people worry that upgrading to smart home devices is too costly; however, as Kim’s second eBook reveals, “How to Make Your Home a Smart Home on a Budget,” this is not the case.

She will have your home hooked up with smart devices in no time. Initially, Kim delves into connectivity basics, followed by the ever essential security requirements and studies additional smart devices including lights, plugs, thermostats and cameras.

See all Kim’s eBooks on Kindle here

Current Kim Komando titles at Barnes & Noble

Do you have a Nook? If so, Kim has a few titles for you as well, one of which is a must-have if you are a Windows 10 user. Available for the B&N Nook, “Windows 10: Secrets and Tips for Busy People” familiarizes the Windows user to Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10.

Kim goes in depth with her tips on how to get around Windows 10 and how to increase your productivity by utilizing keyboard shortcuts and Cortana, its virtual assistant. In addition to teaching you basic functions, Kim shares a vast number of new and secret features that are sure to improve your Windows 10 experience.

See all Kim’s eBooks on Nook by Barnes & Noble here

Kim’s eBooks at Kobo

Whether you have a Kobo eReader or use the Kobo app on your smartphone, Kim’s eBook “50 Ways to Make Money From Home,” available at, may have you earning extra cash working from anywhere in the world. If you have spare time and are intrigued by the notion of working remotely, this is a must-read.

Kim describes in detail all 50 methods of making some dough from home under categories such as creative outlets, monetizing videos, crowdfunding endeavors, services one can provide, sell or rent products, even teaching or consulting remotely. Within each of the categories, Kim offers the names of applicable companies or sites along with their associated links.

See all Kim’s eBooks on Kobo here

Komando books offered through Google Play Store

Prefer to purchase eBooks through the Google Play Store, Kim has a couple of titles you may find of interest. If you or a loved one recently bought an Android smartphone or iPhone, “Android for Seniors: Tips and Tricks” and “iPhone for Seniors: Tips and Tricks” will prove to be invaluable tools when setting up and using your new phone.

Although they include “for Seniors” in the title, both of these eBooks provide instructions for anyone uncertain of how to set up or use a smartphone. Kim provides step-by-step tutorials for phone operation and customization.

She highlights accessibility features that allow the smartphone user to increase text size, zoom in and out of screens, and how to initialize Android’s screen reader, TalkBack, or enable captioning on an iPhone.

See all Kim’s eBooks on Google Play here

How to get Kim’s eBooks for free

If you are a member of Kim’s Club, you will be able to read these titles for free! In addition to many of these titles, there are others including, “Everything you need to know about Bitcoin,” which explores the cryptocurrency in depth, and “How to get FREE HDTV and Cut the Cable,” for cable subscribers looking to save dough on their television viewing.

If you are a current Kim’s Club member, go here to download them now. Not a member yet? Check out these membership privileges:

  • Instant access anytime to Kim’s live show or podcast. Watch or listen when you want.
  • VIP Studio visits
  • Priority show call-in & live chat
  • Download Kim’s eBooks for free
  • Priority customer service
  • Access to forums for answers to your questions

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