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5 must-have features for home security

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Throwing up a sign that reads, “Warning! Beware of dog!” isn’t strong enough security for your home. You actually need a system that will protect your most prized possessions, whether you’re home or away.

Every good security system watches your windows and doors, but you need more. Disasters like freezes, floods and fires could cost your home. We recommend our sponsor, SimpliSafe. If you’re thinking about home security, there is no better time, because SimpliSafe Home Security is offering my listeners their best deal of the year!

This week, you’ll get 30% off ANY new SimpliSafe system — plus a FREE HD security camera! Go to today to get 30% off your system plus a FREE security camera. And make sure to order soon, as this is a limited-time offer. Don’t know what to look for in a home security system? We’ve got you covered. 

1. Fully secure

Let’s face it, criminals don’t clock in from 9 to 5. They could be looking to break into your home at all hours of the night, whether you’re out of town, on vacation or peacefully sleeping in bed. That’s why it’s important to have a security system that offers 24/7 protection and can handle any threat at any time.

With its 24/7 alarm monitoring system, SimpliSafe is always there, ready to alert police when your home needs help.

Here’s how it works: A sensor detects a break-in, your Base Station sounds as it alerts SimpliSafe’s 24/7 monitoring. Then, a SimpliSafe security specialist calls you. If you don’t immediately cancel the alarm, police are dispatched.

2. Reliable

When it comes to protecting your home, you need a system that’s reliable and won’t fail during emergency situations like a bad storm or power outages. Your system needs to keep working at all times, even if you’ve lost your Wi-Fi connection.

Burglars aren’t deterred by severe thunderstorms, so it’s important your home security keeps working. With SimpliSafe, you don’t have to worry. If the power fails, your system won’t. During a blackout, a back-up battery kicks in and protects you for a full 24 hours.

Disasters won’t take down your protection, either. SimpliSafe has six monitoring centers and all of them protect your home. This means there is no single point of failure. Even if a burglar smashes your keypad, don’t worry. SimpliSafe will still alert the police.

There’s even a plan in place if you lose your Wi-Fi connection. SimpliSafe took its built-in cellular connection, put it on the strongest networks and reinforced it with Wi-Fi. Rest easy, your home is always secure.

3. Protects in more way than one

You don’t want cyber criminals breaking into your system and taking control. That makes end-to-end encryption an extremely important feature when looking for a home security system.

End-to-end encryption means the encryption extends from one end of the communication pathway to the other. It doesn’t offer hackers any point to tap in and steal an unencrypted version of the message.

With SimpliSafe, from the sensor to Base Station, to monitoring centers and back, your signals are encrypted.

4. Watches for more

Burglars aren’t the only threats to your home you need to worry about. What about fires or freezing pipes that could burst? Or water leaks that could lead to headaches like mold and floods? Does your home security system protect you against disasters like these?

It should.

With SimpliSafe, you get whole-home protection that sounds a full alarm when a fire is detected to help get your family out in time. It also calls the fire department to get firefighters to the scene as quickly as possible.

SimpliSafe will also warn you if your house is at risk of freezing, which catches water leaks before they turn into a huge problem. No more burst pipes that could cause serious and costly damage.

5. Affordable and easy

This is a huge factor when choosing a home security system. You don’t want to feel like you’re being robbed by the company dedicated to protecting your home.

One common misconception with home security is the more you pay, the more you get. But the truth is, with many companies you’re paying for more markup, not more security. That’s why SimpliSafe is a great choice for home security. It has trimmed the fat so you get award-winning protection at a fair and honest price.

It’s super easy to set up, too. Anyone can set up SimpliSafe in just a few minutes. No drilling. No tools. Just plug in the Base Station, place your sensors and start protecting your home.

This week, you’ll get 30% off ANY new SimpliSafe system — plus a FREE HD security camera! Go to today to get 30% off your system plus a FREE security camera. And make sure to order soon, as this is a limited-time offer.

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