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5 printer myths you have to stop believing

Presented by Epson EcoTank

Presented by Epson EcoTank

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We spend a lot of time around our smartphones and computers. It makes sense: Both are helpful for work and fun for personal use. Compared to them, printers are much less lustrous and exciting.

After all, we only use our printers when we need to get work done. Thanks to our lack of enthusiasm, we don’t spend much time thinking about them. As a result, there are a lot of misconceptions about these devices.

For example, you can keep printing even after your printer sends out a low ink message. Your printer displays this message long before your ink level is dangerously low. Here are a few other printer myths you should drop ASAP.

1. You can get rid of a printer without worrying about personal data

When we think of our smartphones and computers, we’re well aware of private information embedded within them. For some reason, though, printers often slide through the cracks of our security consciousness. In reality, they store a ton of personal data — including everything you’ve ever scanned or printed.

For example, all-in-one printers have a good amount of internal storage space to support their fancy features. This means they might store documents for a longer period than standalone consumer printers, which wipe your data when they’re turned off. The amount of data your device is storing depends on the make and model you’re working with.

Tap or click here to find out how your printer stores data. This article also gives you a few steps you can take to protect your privacy. Bottom line: Before selling your printer, erase all of its data first.

2. I can’t print from my phone

Depending on your home setup, you can tap a few buttons on your iPhone or Android to get your at-home printer hustling. This is an excellent tip for busy professionals who are always on the go. Although many printers aren’t advanced enough to wirelessly connect to your phone, one high-tech printer makes it all a breeze.

Our sponsor Epson’s EcoTank printers, have the capability for auto two-sided print, along with scanning, copying and faxing from its 4.3-inch color touchscreen. You can print from your Android, iPhone, tablet and more. This takes a ton of time and work off your hands.

3. I can’t talk to my printer like other smart devices

Many printers provide a minimal opportunity for multitasking. You can’t just say, “Hey, print this,” to get the job done. They’re clunky, hard to use, and inaccessible for visually impaired people.

The EcoTank tells a different story. It offers voice-activated and hands-free printing. That means you can connect it to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Instead of anchoring yourself next to the printer, you can get work done on the other side of the room and call out. This saves a good chunk of time in the long run. Plus, it’s just so convenient!

4. I can’t afford to print everything I want to

You’re probably worried about the costs of ink cartridges. As the saying goes, “That’s how they get you.” When you buy a traditional printer, it may come with a fair price at the beginning.

Over time, though, you’re bleeding money on the ink refills. Not only are they costly, but they run low so quickly. Sometimes it feels like you’re running in circles, constantly buying new ink cartridges that seem to drain almost immediately.

Even the high-capacity inkjet cartridges give you around 500 black-and-white or 450 color pages. Compare this to Epson’s EcoTank printers, which forego traditional ink cartridges in favor of their refillable high-capacity tanks. The EcoTank can pump out 11,000 black-and-white pages or 8,500 in color out of the box.

5. It’s not worth having a printer if I don’t use it very often

The convenience is worth it. If you rely on outside printers, you’ll have to run out to office supply stores, hotels, or public libraries. Since they charge you a little bit per page, you’ll still pay a good chunk of cash over time.

Here’s a helpful maintenance tip. Even if you don’t use your printer very often, you’ll want to make sure it runs in tip-top shape so you’re not struggling with tech issues when you need it. Your best bet is to print at least one sheet once a month.

Bonus: Upgrade to the printer Kim loves

Having a personal printer is so convenient. You can print coupons, the kids’ homework and important documents for work, all from the comfort of your home.

The downside? Expensive ink cartridges — unless you purchase an Epson EcoTank printer. They come with a ridiculous amount of ink right in the box — enough to print a whopping 6,000 color pages.

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