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5 hidden Microsoft Word tricks that will make you stand up and cheer

Everyone recognizes Microsoft Word for what it is: a word processing platform. What most don’t realize is all of the incredible tools and features it comes with.

Microsoft Word has evolved drastically since its creation. The processor has become a tool for much more than just writing documents. Users can now create graphs, checkboxes, solve math problems and much more.

Some of the features may be difficult to find, but fortunately, we have found them for you. Here are five hidden tricks that will enhance your Microsoft Word experience.

Liven up your document with checkboxes and text boxes

The developer tools are great for people who need to create surveys or tests for a class. This feature gives you the ability to add checkboxes and text boxes to your documents.

From this screen, you can also shade areas around text and record your typing.

If this feature isn’t already available in the ribbon at the top of your document, it’s simple to install. If you have a document open, go to Word and then preferences. Once in preferences, select ribbon and then check the box next to the Developer tool and then click OK.

Show your work with math equations

Most people prefer to use a calculator to solve arithmetic. However, if you are a teacher or someone who needs to share equations, Microsoft Word has an awesome feature that could be used to show equations.

To create a new equation, select the insert tab then select equation and new equation. By following these steps, a text box will appear on your document allowing you to use symbols and numbers. However, if you would like to add a preexisting equation, Word provides a number of well-known formulas.

Make documents pop with images and files

If you’ve ever seen the clipboard pop-up on the left of your screen, you may often be exiting out of the feature. However, the clipboard can be a great deal of help for anyone who is working with images and files.

Microsoft allows you to add a maximum of 24 clips (or files) to the board.

To open the clipboard quickly, press Ctrl+C twice and the sidebar will appear. The board can hold other Word documents, images, videos and more. Clipboard works on other Office services, as well, making it easy to transfer information from system to system.

Correspond with people around the world with Word’s translator

If you are receiving documents from international senders, or need to send one to someone who doesn’t speak English, Microsoft Word will translate sentences, paragraphs or entire documents for you. To locate the translator, go to the review tab and select translate.

Using the translator is a quick and easy solution to tricky correspondents with people from around the world. The translator comes with languages you may not have even heard of before!

Clear your workspace

If you are the type of person who can be easily distracted with a ton of features open, Microsoft Word lets you hide the ribbon and create a larger document view. To hide the ribbon, select Ctrl+f1. By doing so, your view will be more focused on the document while still being able to write.

If you need to review a document, you can alter the view settings to read mode or web layout. While using these settings, you won’t be able to type, but, the visual clutter will be minimized.

Microsoft Word comes with an abundance of tools to be used at your disposal. No matter the reason for your use of the processor, you can find something that will make your writing experience much simpler. I’m positive the tricks we’ve shown you today will help your overall Word experience.

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