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4 ways an all-in-one cloud backup will simplify your life

Presented by IDrive

Presented by IDrive

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From businesses to non-profit organizations, individuals to families, everyone has files and data across multiple devices that can unexpectedly disappear. Without a secure backup solution those files, photos and important documents are gone forever.

With multiple devices used in your business and household, syncing and backing up all those files could make life very complicated. Choosing the right online cloud and storage solution for your multiple devices makes all the difference and can simplify life in ways that save you time and money.

Kim knows exactly how important your digital files are to you and highly recommends IDrive to securely store, share and sync your files. With IDrive, you get the accessibility, storage, and security you need while simplifying your life.

Go to and use promo code, Kim, to save 90% on 5 TB of cloud backup now! That’s less than $7 for the first year!

1. Protect all your internet-enabled devices in one easy to manage cloud account

Do you own a combination of iPhone, laptop, PC, iPad, Mac or Android devices? Whether it’s for business or personal use, you have critical data on all of these devices that need protection. Paying a separate fee for each device you own just isn’t the best cost-effective solution in today’s multi-platform digital-driven universe.

That’s why Kim trusts and recommends IDrive; the one-stop solution to protect all of your digital devices all in one cloud account. Connect an unlimited amount of devices all for one low fee and get the protection you need on every single internet-enabled device you own.

IDrive automatically creates a folder for every device that you back up. You can access these folders on any internet-enabled device directly from your one IDrive account.

2. No more deleted archived files

Looking for that important sales presentation you saved 3 years ago? If you have IDrive you know for a fact any file you need will be uncompromised and accessible whenever you need it.

Unlike some other backup services, you never have to worry about deleted files because IDrive is a true archive and online storage solution that won’t delete your files from their servers if a local copy is not found on your computer.

IDrive retains the last 10 versions of a saved file. If you ever need to turn back the clock and access an older file version that was changed or renamed; it will be on your IDrive account for you to access anytime, anywhere.

3. Securely view, share and manage your backed-up files

With IDrive, there is no need to carry around external hard drives and USB drives from one location to another to share large files with friends and colleagues. The all in one solution from IDrive allows you to store, share and sync your files all in one place.

If you make changes to a document from your home computer and need to access it at work with all the changes you simply need to Sync and drop it in a folder that you can instantly access from all your devices.

The days of attaching a revised document and emailing it to yourself are long gone. All your files and data on IDrive will be secured using 256-bit AES military-grade encryption with the option of using a private key to encrypt your data for private files only viewable by you.

4. Organize, back up and restore your mobile data with the IDrive app

Save time, organize and protect your mobile data with IDrive’s mobile app features. Quickly back up important contacts, photos, videos, and calendar events from your mobile phone and restore your data with just a few simple clicks.

Sort all of your videos and images from all your devices with the app’s built-in timeline feature. The people section utilizes built-in facial recognition that identifies faces and automatically groups and organizes photos for you, allowing you easy access and sharing options.

IDrive has the best solution for securing all of your critical data on all your devices with flexible storage, security, speed, and privacy options. Go to and use promo code, Kim, to save 90% on 5 TB of cloud backup now! That’s less than $7 for the first year!

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