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3 reasons you need IDrive for data backup

Scammers and cyberhackers aren’t taking days off. In fact, coronavirus-related scams are everywhere — and as criminals get smarter, it’s even easier to fall for their tricks.

Don’t risk clicking on the wrong link and losing your important files to nasty ransomware. Even beyond your computer, there can be precious photos or files on a phone or tablet that you don’t want to lose. Back up all your files the right way, and those hackers won’t have a leg to stand on.

So, what company can you trust with your data? We recommend our sponsor IDrive, and we’ve got three reasons why its the perfect tool for your backup needs.

1. Multiple device convenience 

One of our favorite things about IDrive? It backs up your information across multiple platforms. Have photos on your phone? No problem. Files on your tablet, easy. Back up everything along with your computer and have easy access to your files, any time.

What about those cute baby photos you have saved on your computer? You probably want to show them to your friends. Use the IDrive App to access files saved from your computer. You can download the photos onto your phone right away. Talk about easy.

Just for Komando listeners, get your first year, and 7 terabytes of cloud space, for less than $7. You really can’t beat that price. Get your exclusive discount at and use promo code Kim at checkout.

2. Impassable encryption

You know encryption is a good thing, but why does it matter? Encryption is what keeps cybercriminals and snoops from getting their hands on your private files. IDrive’s advanced cloud backup service uses a “bullet-proof” 256-bit AES encryption to protect your information.

Each of your files is independently scrambled before it’s uploaded to the cloud, and the encryption lock is only decoded when you access the item.

In layman’s terms, this means your file backups will be unreadable unless someone enters your encryption key or password. The data cannot be physically destroyed, nor can hackers ever hope to retrieve it. This is the power of the cloud-based encryption IDrive uses to protect your information.

3. Positive user experience

IDrive is the future of information backup. But you don’t have to take it from us, listen to some of this feedback from these happy IDrive users.

If you were an old Crashplan customer like Thorsten, you may take solace in the words of experienced backup user, Tim, from the U.K.

“Just to say that, having migrated from CrashPlan, the first few weeks of using IDrive have been an excellent experience. Backups have occurred without me noticing, very automatic and instantaneous.What I PARTICULARLY like is the versioning of files and the simplicity of accessing versions through the desktop or web applications. This is much better than CrashPlan and any other online back up software Ive [sic] tried in the past. Versioning is extremely important to me and IDrive fully meets my needs.Thank you.”

If you’re still not convinced or just looking at your options, check out our comparison chart between Carbonite and IDrive.

If you are in need of a quality backup utility, look no further than IDrive. As a listener of Kim’s show, click here to save 90% on 5TB of cloud backup with IDrive.

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