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3 podcasts you can’t afford to miss

If you’re like most podcast lovers, you listen to learn new things. It’s a great idea since podcasts are like audio essays full of knowledge, humor, whimsy and stories that teach you more about the world. According to Semrush data, 20% of people listen to podcasts every week.

If you’re new to the exciting audio scene, we’ve got a helpful guide that can help you jump onto the hype train. They’re a great way to entertain and educate yourself. Tap or click here for the five best apps you can use to stream podcasts.

Today, we’re sharing three podcasts that can teach you a whole lot. These shows are straight from the Komando HQ, which means they’re high-quality tech episodes all about the amazing world we live in. After these podcasts, you’ll see your world in an entirely different light.

1. Marty Cooper ‘Father of the Cellphone‘ shares the history and future of the cellphone

You use your cellphone every day to listen to stories. For example, your friends share stories through text, you read news stories online and you stream podcast stories through your headphones. But have you ever stopped to think about the story behind the instrument you’re using?

We did. That’s why we talked to Marty Cooper, who was dubbed “the father of the cellphone.” Kim called him up and asked him to share the secrets behind this incredible gadget that’s changed history. It’s more funny than you’d think!

Marty shares the story behind the first cell phone call (which was a prank) and describes the passionate rivalry between companies that wanted to invent the cell phone first. As someone with so much past experience, he has a lot of insight into the future, as well.

He talks about the ways our cell phones could even become infused in our flesh. (It may sound gross, but don’t forget about Elon Musk’s brain chip.) Marty knows that anything is possible, and he sees a lot of incredible things to come. Listen to this episode to enrich yourself in classic tech history — as well as a shocking peek into our vibrant future.

2. Tech Refresh: $2M tweet, new Alexa commands, iPhone update

You’ve probably heard of NFTs — it stands for “non-fungible token.” They’re basically a way to claim copyright over digital media, like images and videos. People are making bank over NFTs, and one of the biggest stories to hit headlines covers a tweet that sold for $2.5 million.

In this episode, three of our staff members dive into the weird world of NFTs:

  • Ben, our News Director 
  • Allie, our Content Marketing Director
  • Mike, our Production Director

The “Tech Refresh” podcast is a round table discussion of the wildest news from the tech world. Kim teams up with Ben, Allie and Mike to chat about cool new gadgets and shocking headlines. This particular episode also teaches you about an urgent update alert for iPhones and several Android apps you need to delete now.

HERE’S A HELPFUL HINT: Easy new way to find your iPhone – even if the ringer is off

Each episode is full of tech tips you can follow to improve your digital life. There’s also a fun game show called “Brand New or Not True,” in which we talk about two surprising inventions as well as a fake one. Can you identify which gadget is too whacky to be real?

Overall, Tech Refresh has a lot to teach you. It’s an invaluable show stuffed to the brim with fun facts, breaking news and important info. This episode teaches you a smart new trick for your Alexa and covers cookies — on the web and the baked goods!

3. A new social network takes on Facebook, putting privacy first

When social media first hit the scene, so many of us were optimistic. We thought it would be a force for positivity. It sounded like a great way to stay in contact with our friends and family.

And sure, apps like Facebook and Instagram do help us keep in touch … but they can also hurt our self-esteem, leading to depression and anxiety. Even worse, they can create toxic echo chambers that spill over into real-life violence. Just think of Elliot Rodger, who frequented online misogynistic communities before embarking on a murder spree.

So, it’s clear that social media has a ton of toxic effects on the world. Jim Fournier, the mind behind a new social media platform, says it’s even a threat to our democracy.

In this episode, Kim jumps into the murky world of social media, from data collection to insurance schemes. You’ll learn all about the hidden threats lurking beneath your social media feeds. There’s a lot you have to watch out for, and this podcast sheds light on the greatest dangers you never knew you were dealing with.

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