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3 DIY apps to diagnose and treat Android phone problems

We take our Android phones for granted, right up until the moment a problem crops up. Maybe the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as it once was. Maybe the battery seems to be draining way too fast. Before calling in the support professionals, you can run some of your own tests to sleuth out what’s going on with your phone.

The right app can help you locate and fix stuck pixels, check your battery health, or see if all of your phone’s sensors are working properly.

Once you know what’s going on with your phone or tablet, you can make a decision on whether to live with it, get it repaired, or perhaps upgrade to a new device. Here’s how to give your Android a hardware health checkup.

Phone Check (and Test)

The free Phone Check (and Test) app puts a lot of interesting information at your fingertips. The Monitor feature lets you see your phone’s CPU usage, memory, storage, battery, and network connections. This is fun if you’re into the geeky tech details of how your phone functions.

What most people will want to try is the Guided Test. Tap on this and select which tests you want to run. You can do them all, or just check individual items like your touch screen, GPS, or sensors. Before you start the tests, Phone Check will give you detailed data on your phone model, showing everything from the operating system to the weight.

For the most comprehensive phone checkup, run all the tests. You’ll see if the battery health is good and if there are problem pixels on your display. It will run an automated stress test of your CPU. If you only download one Android testing app, then Phone Check is a smart choice. You can upgrade to the $1.99 paid version to customize test options and get tips on what to do when a test fails.

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TestM Hardware

TestM offers an easy-to-follow suite of tests to check everything from your touchscreen to your gyroscope. It’s free, but you’ll have to work through intrusive full-screen ads as you run the tests. If you don’t mind dealing with the ads, TestM’s nicest feature is how it walks you through the tests. You can generate a report with the results. That report can come in handy if you’re selling your phone, or if you want to check a used phone that you’re interested in buying.

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Dead Pixels Test and Fix

Dead or stuck pixels can be a real visual annoyance on your Android screen. The Dead Pixels Test and Fix app can help you locate pixels that aren’t working right and, in some cases, fix them.

Start the app and choose “Check dead pixels” to start. I used the auto settings and watched as the app cycled through an array of colors meant to highlight dead pixels. I didn’t find issues on my phone, but if you do spot a problem pixel, then tap twice and then choose “Fix dead pixel” to attempt a repair.

The app recommends you let it run for at least 10 minutes. It’s a good idea to leave your phone plugged into a power source while doing this. The app then cycles through a sequence of screens that look like static and bright colors. Not all pixels can be fixed using this method, but it’s worth a shot if you have a problem pixel.

You don’t have to wait for a noticeable problem to crop up to try out these apps. You can simply use them as regular checkup tools for your phone’s health. But if you are having issues, they can help verify that you might need to look into repair or upgrade options.

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