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3 best indoor and outdoor antennas for cord cutters

Before the days of wireless cable television with hundreds of channels, there were the big three: ABC, NBC, and CBS. These three channels were the center point of entertainment in American households. All that was needed to receive the channels was a television and an antenna.

What many people may not realize is you can still get these channels and many more without having to pay the monthly cost of cable. For a one time fee, indoor and outdoor antennas could save you hundreds of dollars each year.

There’s an array of different antennas you can purchase that will fit your viewing needs. What’s most important is what you want to watch and which antenna best fits your wishes. Here are some great indoor and outdoor antennas to help you cut the cord. Keep reading for some of our top picks.

Ultra-thin antenna that doesn’t take up much space

This AmazonBasics indoor antenna is for people who want something that is easy to set up and doesn’t take up much space. It has a 50-mile range and the cord is 16 feet long.

Even without digital cable, this antenna can pull in about 50 channels, depending on your location. Additionally, it comes with sticky pads and velcro which allows you to either lay it flat or stick it to a wall close to your TV.

The AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin is amplified for a better long-distance connection.

Indoor directional antenna

This Antop indoor directional UHF VHF antenna receives free broadcast HD over-the-air TV signals. Get channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more.

It has a reception range of 30 miles and comes with a 10-foot high-performance coax cable.

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Multi-directional antenna with 50-mile range

Direct ClearStream Eclipse is another indoor antenna that is appealing to the eye and doesn’t take up a ton of space. It comes equipped with a 15-foot coaxial cable, a 5-foot USB cable and a USB power adapter.

It is multi-directional and has a 20dB in-line signal amplifier for clear picture and maximum channels. There are a variety of ranges to choose from, up to 70 miles. However, the 50-mile range works great.

The antenna has a paintable surface, which lets you match any color scheme of the room you are using it in.

Flat-panel indoor/outdoor antenna

Antop has a collection of antennas but the AT-402 is best for outdoors. This one is listed as indoor/outdoor but it’s rather large and can take up a decent amount of space. Despite its clunkiness, it has an extended range of 60 miles and has an incredibly strong signal pull.

Outdoor motorized amplified HD TV antenna

Unlike any of the indoor antennas mentioned or even the Antop outdoor antenna, the Vansky can provide service to two TVs without an issue. No special adapter is needed and it can be controlled with a wireless remote.

The outdoor antenna is weather resistant, which can often cause problems for cable connection. The only downside is that it is typically installed on a roof and may be difficult to install. 

Outdoor satellite HD antenna

The outdoor Yagi antenna supports 1080i HDTV broadcast with a range of 150 miles. What makes this particular antenna unique is it’s connected to the RCA signal finder app, which helps find broadcast towers in your area and the best location outside your home to place the antenna.

RCA made this antenna somewhat easy to install with some components put together in the box. Despite the easy install, the antenna is not rotational, it may be difficult to get the perfect spot for the best reception.

What’s best for you?

Everyone’s viewing preferences are different so there is no correct answer as to which antenna is the best one to buy. However, they can save you a great deal of money and make your cord cutting transition easy.

Streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu are great, but there’s nothing like old-fashioned free television.

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