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Best new Amazon Alexa commands
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15 new Alexa commands you’ll wish you knew about sooner

Alexa may very well be the ultimate smart home companion. She does it all: she keeps track of our schedule, entertainment, and even our kitchen timer are all taken care of when she’s on the job.

According to Amazon, there are more than 50,000 unique tasks and commands that you can entrust this energetic little bot with. You probably know the usual suspects like asking Alexa for today’s weather or to call your mother, for example. She’s capable of so much more than adjusting the volume, though.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best Alexa commands to try in your home. Whether you’ve got kids to entertain or are simply in need of some smart assistance as you stream, there’s little that she won’t be able to help you with.

1. What song is playing?

If you’re someone who prefers to fill your home with music at all times, you might find this one handy. Alexa keeps you informed, even from in the other room. Simply say, “Alexa, what song is playing?” And voila, you’ll know the name of your favorite new jam.

If you’re not into what’s pumping through the airways, asking Alexa to play the next song, or even asking, “Alexa, play that song that goes…,” will call up something more appropriate.

2. Delete everything I said today

Sometimes, we get ahead of ourselves and say things we shouldn’t. The good news is you can wipe the slate clean by voice control. Here’s how:

  • Open the Alexa app and tap the three-line More icon.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select Alexa Privacy.
  • Tap Manage Your Alexa Data.
  • Slide the toggle next to Enable deletion by voice to the right to enable it.

Enabling this feature allows you to delete recordings by saying, “Alexa, delete what I just said.” Or, “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

3. What are my deals?

Amazon offers you many Alexa-exclusive deals, available only through a branded smart speaker. You can access them by asking her to tell you your deals daily.

When something catches your eye (or even if you just need to add something random to your grocery list), you can ask her to add anything to your shopping list to refer to later.

4. Drop In on all devices

Remember those clunky old intercom systems in big homes? Alexa can be used as your modern equivalent.

To use it, say “Alexa, drop in on all devices” to reach every Alexa-enabled speaker or “Alexa, drop in on [device name]” to target just one. Then wait for the confirmation tone before speaking.

You can even drop in on an Alexa device in someone else’s home. Both parties need to enable the feature and allow each other to drop in. Tap or click here to find out how.

5. Find nearby restaurants

Whoever said Alexa can’t get you out of the house? That new place down the street looks trendy, but is it worth it? Local ratings, reviews, and menus are all but one single question away.

6. Whisper Mode

The ideal home is a calming, tranquil, zen-like oasis. If Alexa’s can-do attitude is a little too much at times, you can whisper commands to her, and she will respond quietly in kind.

Brief Mode is another option in this realm to consider. It pares her script away to only the bare necessities, removing things like confirmations after commands. Just ask Alexa to enable Brief Mode to begin using the feature.

7. Set the temperature

In a smart home setting, Alexa can help you manage and control every smart device in your collection, all by way of voice command. You can adjust your lights, turn on the TV, and even moderate your home’s smart thermostat settings.

Is it just us, or is it kind of chilly in here? Ask Alexa to turn the heat up a couple of notches. It’s like having a personal butler.

8. Stream Sling TV on an Echo Show 15

Sling TV has officially hit the scene if you own an Echo Show 15. To tune in, all that you have to do is ask. Alexa can handle the rest. If Sling isn’t your thing, there are tons of other streaming services and many ways to optimize your experience with Alexa’s help.

Commands like “Alexa, show me movies with X actor” populate your queue with plenty of appropriate options to choose from. You can also use navigation commands like play, pause and next episode.

9. Pair with other Bluetooth devices

To pair Alexa with your Bluetooth-enabled arsenal, all that you have to do is say, “Alexa, pair.” To pair all of your devices at once, you can alternatively use the command “Alexa, discover my devices.”

10. Play Beer Goggles

Is the Beer Goggles command among the most useful? It’s highly likely. The premise is an elegant one: Alexa probes you with questions designed to determine whether or not you should have another drink.

To enable this Alexa Skill, you can snag it on Amazon here.

11. Tell me a random fact

This is one Alexa command guaranteed to knock them dead, young, old, and everywhere in between. Alexa always has something entertaining and thought-provoking to share with the room if you’re bored.

“Alexa, is seven a prime number?” and “Alexa, tell me a joke” are also prime fodder for good times, no pun intended.

12. How long is left on the timer?

Domestic mavens, this one is for you. You can keep your laundry, dinner and any other time-dependent task on the back-burner, checking in periodically with Alexa when you need a hands-free update. You can even name each timer when you call for it, eliminating any guesswork involved.

13. Flip a coin

There is no more equitable way to proceed with household disputes than an impartial coin toss. All that you have to do is say, “Alexa, flip a coin.” She’s got your back.

The fun doesn’t stop there. “Alexa, pick a number between one and 100” and “Alexa, roll a dice” offer your household much of the same. Justice, as they say, is blind.

14. White noise for sleep

Asking Alexa to play white noise or even calming rain sounds might be one Alexa trick to try if you have trouble falling asleep at night. Once you’re down for the evening, a relaxing soundscape might be just the thing to put you in a more meditative state of mind.

15. Alexa, party time!

After saying, “Alexa, it’s party time,” she’ll reply with an apt “Excellent.”

This Alexa Easter egg may not be the most useful on this list, but it is adorable, just like the rest of the best Alexa jokes. Tap or click here for more of our favorite Alexa commands.

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