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10 ways Alexa helps you celebrate Mom

This weekend, the most important thing you can do is make Mom happy. You have big plans, bought the perfect gifts and feel like you are ready to go.

But there’s always more that can be done, perhaps in the place you least expected. You know that Amazon Echo you have lying around?

It’s super helpful, yes, but it can also help make Mother’s Day even more special. That is if you train it to do so.

This weekend, Alexa could be your best friend

If you remember, last month Amazon released a new feature for its Echo devices that allowed you to really personalize Alexa. All you had to do was log into the Alexa Skills Blueprint site, and then choose from a group of 20 different skills.

From there you could customize them however you would like, programming Alexa to respond to requests in a specific way. Click here for more on that story.

With that in mind, here are 10 things you could have Alexa do for you (and Mom).

Have Alexa help find a gift

You have asked Alexa to do many things. Here, ask it to open Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. What will happen is every time you do, Alexa will respond with “Here’s your gift idea.”

What follows will change every time, and admittedly not all of them will be winners. Still, it may come up with something you hadn’t thought of, which is the whole point of this.

Click here to let Alexa help you shop.

Alexa can provide customized compliments

This one involves creating a skill for Alexa, which is a pretty simple process. All you need to do is utilize that feature, inputting many compliments. From there, you just need to let Alexa do its thing.

Click here to let Alexa shower Mom with compliments .

Let Alexa tell your mother’s story

Maybe Mom has a wonderful life story, one that you know well. You can program Alexa to tell it, complete with sound effects if you would like. Maybe you want pauses and extra details?

Good, because you can add those, too.

Learn how to teach Alexa your mom’s story here.

Alexa can help you cook Mom breakfast

Another skill Alexa can learn will provide motherly advice and sayings. But that won’t do much for Mom. What will is it teaching you how to make her breakfast.

Everyone loves breakfast, and Moms are no exception.

Get help creating an awesome breakfast here.

Train Alexa to build up Mom’s confidence

If we are being honest with ourselves, we probably don’t say nice things to Mom nearly often enough. So, let Alexa pick up the slack.

With this skill, Mom will receive healthy, pleasant and uplifting thoughts.

Click here to teach Alexa how to boost confidence.

Have Alexa become a poet

Poetry has a way of making moments better, but unfortunately, we probably don’t know nearly enough poems to do Mom justice. With this skill, Alexa will recite from an extensive library of classic poems.

All you need to do is ask.

Unleash Alexa’s poetic side here.

It’s not too late to order flowers

Of course, you can also have Alexa do what it was programmed to do, and that is to help you with some errands. In this case, if you have enabled Amazon Pay and provided your address, you could have Alexa order a gift or two. Say, maybe flowers?

It’s never too soon to place an order.

Have Alexa give a special message to Mom

Another skill Alexa can learn is to provide a simple, yet heartwarming message for Mom. While not flashy, a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” could go a very long way.

Click here to let Alexa bring the kindness.

Let Alexa help Mom find her zen

Alexa wants to help everyone calm down, which is why it will happily play relaxing sounds and melodies if you ask it to. Just enable the option and ask for it.

Mom’s contentment is just a click away.

Allow Alexa to take the burden of motherly advice

Maybe the best thing you can do for Mom is to give her a break from being Mom. That means taking a break from a lot of things, including asking her for advice.

With this skill, just tell Alexa to ask Mom advice and listen as wisdom is dispensed.

Take the load off Mom’s back by clicking here.

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