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10 tech gadgets for your next road trip, camping trip or outdoor adventure

It’s official; summer is here! Time for some extraordinary outdoor adventures. Whether your journey takes you to the mountains, beach or countryside, enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer and creating fond memories along the way is the essence of summertime.

While the season is all about fun and sun, many people don’t bring supplies beyond the sunscreen, bug spray, drinking water, food and a cellphone when heading outside.

However, preparation is key to a successful outing, and including a few tech tools with your gear can help ensure your adventure is both safe and enjoyable.

With the hope of getting your summer adventures started on the right foot, we have gathered a selection of gadgets, most of which require minimal storage space, perfect for any excursion.

1. Capture spectacular photos — underwater!

If your plans include fun in the water this summer, the Dragon Touch Vision 3 4K Action Camera with a 4X zoom lens is for you. Whether you are out to explore island waters or experience white water rafting, capturing moments is simple with this waterproof, underwater (up to 98ft with the provided waterproof case), wide-angle sports cam.

In addition to a range of shooting options, the built-in Wi-Fi connection and wireless remote control wristband make this camera a must-have for any outdoor or sports enthusiast.

2. Listen to music next to the water without fear

Wanting to hear some tunes, while you are poolside or camping? The Kunodi Wireless Mini Travel Speaker is waterproof (ratedx45) and dustproof making it a great addition to your summer activities.

Connecting this mini speaker via Bluetooth or an aux line to your Apple or Android device will have you enjoying your favorite tracks anywhere. And, answering a phone call is made easy with the speaker’s built-in mic and hands-free function.

3. Make your vacation bicycling more adventurous with GPS

Maybe you prefer to spend your free time this summer peddling solo or in a group across the trails and roadways. If so, the Garmin Edge 1030, 3.5″ GPS Cycling/Bike Computer will prove indispensable. You can utilize this GPS for your planned trip, or you can view ride data to find the best routes according to Garmin Connect online community members.

While the Garmin Edge 1030 comes preloaded with maps specific to the U.S., international ones are available. Rider-to-rider messaging (using prewritten notes) helps you stay connected with fellow cyclists in your group. Additional safety features include built-in incident detection and GroupTrack and LiveTrack, which allows other riders or family and friends to follow you in real time.

4. Powerful charger for iPhone and Android gadgets

Chances are if your warm-weather activities include time on the water or hiking in the woods, you will need an alternative to an electrical outlet to charge your iPhone or Android device. No problem, if you have the Anker PowerCore II 20000 Portable Charger handy.

When fully charged, this power bank can charge an iPhone over 6.5 times, providing plenty of juice for your device while enjoying your summer adventures. Need to know how much power is in the charger? Press the 8-light LED wheel, and the charger will display the amount remaining.


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5. Keep your devices charged even when you’re in the middle of nowhere

Opting for a summertime off-the-grid getaway? One charging option for your mobile devices is solar power. The Dostyle 8000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank has 3 USB ports to charge three devices simultaneously. In addition, this useful gadget has a built-in LED light that can be used as a flashlight when trekking through the dark.

It is recommended you charge the power bank before your trip as solar charging will take time. However, using the included solar panel to top-off this charger is not a problem if Mother Nature provides plenty of sunshine.

6. The perfect cooler for your road trip

With or without a destination in mind, there’s nothing like hitting the highways during the summer. Although you may find yourself stopping for gas along your route, you can eliminate the need to pull over for food and drinks with the JoyTutus Portable Car Cooler. This 26-Qt car refrigerator will provide ample space whenever you want to keep things chilled.

Is this durable fridge specifically relegated for car use? Nope! Whether the cooler be in your vehicle or home, you can power the JoyTutus portable cooler using your car’s cigarette lighter or a standard wall outlet with the included adapter.

7. Stay safe with this emergency portable radio

Regardless of your summer plans, you should bring along safety gear such as the FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio. This weather radio, loaded with features, will keep you alert with emergency NOAA weather broadcasts and access to AM/FM radio stations. What’s more, the built-in power bank can power your smartphone if needed, making the FosPower Portable radio a true multitasker.

The LED flashlight w/zoom and SOS alarm can be invaluable during an electrical outage or an emergency situation. Additionally, three power sources, including a crank lever, solar, and AAA batteries ensure your emergency radio is never out of power.

8. Never get lost in the dark again

As any seasoned camper or hiker will tell you, being prepared for inclement weather when heading outdoors is essential. In addition to having an emergency portable radio, a flashlight such as the Anker Super Bright Tactical Flashlight is a must. If storms roll in, you will appreciate all the features of this durable and dependable flashlight.

Compact, rechargeable and water-resistant, this flashlight is crucial for those rainy nights and boasts five different settings, including an emergency SOS. The flashlight’s beam capability can span approximately 660 feet and is adjustable from a wide to a narrow beam, allowing you to observe your surroundings without issue.


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9. Headlamps for the whole gang

Lighten up the night skies whenever you and your companions are exploring the terrain with a 5-pack of EverBrite LED Headlamp Flashlights. Perfect for hunting, fishing, reading or other nighttime activities, each adjustable headband light has 8 LEDs with a lifespan of over 1000,000 hours.

Capable of lasting up to five hours of continuous use, your group won’t be left in the dark. Note: Remove the AAA batteries (included) when headlights are not in use to prolong battery life.

10. Car adapter charges two devices simultaneously (and looks cool)

If you are loading up and hitting the roads to travel the nation this summer, having a car charger for your gadgets is a necessity. Of course, standard adapters are only capable of charging a single device at a time.

However, with the Ainope USB 12V Car Adapter, you can charge two devices at once at full speed. Compatible with all USB and smart, fast USB devices, this car adapter will eliminate the need for additional cables. The integrated voltage meter will alert you if the adapter voltage is out of proper operating range, requiring a battery replacement.

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