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10 tech gadgets for your next road trip, camping trip or outdoor adventure

It’s official; summer is here! Time for some extraordinary outdoor adventures. Whether your journey takes you to the mountains, beach or countryside, enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer and creating fond memories along the way is the essence of summertime.

While the season is all about fun and the sun, many people don’t bring supplies beyond sunscreen, bug spray, drinking water, food and a cellphone when heading outside.

However, preparation is key to a successful outing, and including a few tech tools with your gear can help ensure your adventure is both safe and enjoyable.

With the hope of getting your summer adventures started on the right foot, we have gathered a selection of gadgets, most of which require minimal storage space, perfect for any excursion.

1. Capture spectacular photos — underwater!

2. Listen to music next to the water without fear

3. Make your vacation bicycling more adventurous with GPS

4. Keep your devices charged even when you’re in the middle of nowhere

5. The perfect cooler for your road trip

6. Stay safe with this emergency portable radio

7. Never get lost in the dark again

8. Headlamps for the whole gang

9. Car adapter charges two devices simultaneously (and looks cool)

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