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Supercharge your video meetings with 10 helpful Zoom plug-ins

Zoom calls are the norm now, with many depending on the service as they work from home. What you may not know is that Zoom’s App Marketplace has hundreds of free apps you can download to customize your Zoom experience.

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What type of apps can you use with Zoom and what sort of features do they offer? We’re here to answer all your questions with our list of the top 10 Zoom add-ons. Read on to start streamlining your Zoom time right now!


If there’s one service that goes hand in hand with a Zoom meeting, it’s email. Hopping from window to window or tab to tab to micromanage your email while in a meeting can be annoying, so the Zoom Gmail add-on aims to solve all that.

The app is simple: From within your Gmail account, you can now schedule and start meetings, as well as manage Zoom. Now you can easily handle your email while keeping track of your meetings.


If you’re one of the many professionals who use Slack to stay in contact with colleagues, the slack Zoom add-on is a blessing. In short, Zoom fully integrates itself into the Slack ecosystem.

You can start a meeting directly in a Slack channel or group by entering the “/zoom” command. You’ll be updated when someone joins or leaves your meeting, as well as get meeting summaries and share meeting recordings, all from within Slack. And you can even call your Zoom Phone contacts with the “/zoom call” command.


Zapier’s Zoom add-on is an online automation tool that lets you trigger actions whenever a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar takes place. For instance, if you’re hosting a Zoom Webinar, once a participant makes their PayPal payment, Zapier can automatically register them for the Webinar.

With over 1,500 app integrations available for Zapier on Zoom, automating anything around your meetings is easy.


If you haven’t heard of SurveyMonkey, it’s the definitive survey software. If you’ve ever thought it may be useful to survey the participants of a meeting for some quick and direct feedback, the SurveyMonkey Zoom add-on makes it easy.

Once the add-on is installed, you can create surveys and collect results right from within Zoom’s chat.

Wikipedia Search

Wikipedia isn’t an academic-grade source, no, but it’s an awesome repository of useful information you may want to consult at a glance. If you’ve ever been in a meeting and needed a quick piece of information, normally you’d have to leave Zoom and do a search, but that’s no longer the case with the Wikipedia Search Zoom add-on.

With this add-on you can search for Wikipedia articles and share them directly from your Zoom chat.

Lingmo Translate

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who didn’t speak your language? Zoom’s Lingmo Translate add-on allows users to have multilingual conversations, translating a user’s native language in real-time.

Simply activate the app in chat, select your language to send and receive in and your chats will be automatically translated into each chat member’s language by making use of IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence.

G Suite

If you’re ensconced in the Google ecosystem and want more than just Gmail, Zoom’s G Suite add-on is the one for you. G Suite has all the functionality of the Zoom Gmail add-on, so you’ll have complete control of your meetings from within Gmail.

However, G Suite also adds Google Calendar integration. Now you can schedule, start, and manage your meetings directly on Google Calendar. This way not only can you keep track of your meetings, but you can easily slot them into your schedule as well.

Rev Live Captions

When you have your meetings at home, it’s easy to be distracted. Plus, considering how variable a person’s internet connection can be, sometimes it can hard to make out what people are saying. Zoom’s Rev Live Captions add-on tries to address all these issues with real-time captions.

After a simple installation and setup, Rev Live Captions is set to live-caption all meetings by default. All attendees of your Zoom Meeting can then toggle captions on or off at will.


Donut is actually another Slack add-on for Zoom, but you wouldn’t know that from the name alone. Donut’s pitch is simple: grab a coffee or donut with your colleagues on Slack on Zoom.

With the click of a button, you can not only have virtual coffee or lunch with a colleague on Slack but Donut also introduces teammates you may not know via Slack. So it can be a great networking tool.

Prezi Video

The choice between sharing your screen or your face can be a tough one. Direct connection is important, but sometimes it’s best to share information over screen share. With the Prezi Video add-on for Zoom, you don’t have to choose — You can overlay visuals directly on the screen next to you.

Once installed, you can use Prezi to generate all kinds of visuals to overlay on your feed, like announcements, key metrics, projections, goals, important info and more.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Zoom add-ons and want to see what else is out there, head on over to the Zoom App Marketplace.

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