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Internet torpedoing lion-killing dentist's social pages

Earlier this month, one of Africa’s most famous (and protected) lions, Cecil, was lured from his home in Zimbabwe's Hwange national park by a group...
Happening Now July 29, 2015

Google is torpedoing Yelp, and it could bring legal action

Google might be manipulating search results to hurt competitors.
Happening Now July 2, 2015

This is why you shouldn't lie in online restaurant reviews

Do you rely on star ratings from Yelp or Google? These services are easy ways to find out if you'll get decent service and...
Happening Now March 27, 2015

Why one small business actually WANTS bad Yelp reviews

If you run a business, you know that good online reviews can keep you in the black - bad ones can be a death...
Happening Now September 23, 2014

You have to see the hotel's apology after charging for negative reviews

The hotel owner charging $500 for bad reviews has changed his tune. See his apology.
Happening Now August 9, 2014

Yelp may have systematically lied to you

Yelp might be misleading you on purpose. Find out how.
Happening Now August 8, 2014

One hotel will fine you $500 for leaving a bad online review

I've told you before about leaving reviews online. Leaving constructive reviews can really help build up the company in question, but it's not always...
Happening Now August 5, 2014

Scientists seek and destroy food poisoning

Sure, you use Yelp to find great restaurants around the neighborhood, but what about sources of food poisoning? Turns out Yelp is a great...
Happening Now May 23, 2014

Yelp names the top 100 best places to eat

Do you Yelp? If you don't, trust me, you're missing out. It's a fantastic and handy user-generated guide to local restaurants and attractions. With...
Happening Now February 28, 2014