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The government forced Yahoo to turn over users' data

The government forced Yahoo and other companies to give up communication data.
Happening Now September 12, 2014

Why take the shortest route when you could take the prettiest?

It's summer time. That means it's time to pack up the car and take a road trip. But don't take the fastest route, take...
Happening Now July 12, 2014

Yahoo plans to go toe-to-toe with YouTube

Yahoo isn't exactly synonymous with viral videos - YouTube is. But Yahoo is looking to change that. It has planned a new rival to...
Happening Now May 28, 2014

Now Yahoo is getting into television!

It's getting mighty crowded out there. First we had 100 channels, then 500. Then Netflix and Amazon got into the act, commissioning their own...
Happening Now April 7, 2014

Yahoo finally gets encryption

Yahoo has announced that they're finally encrypting their site to keep out snoops. The company made the announcement in a blog post. This isn’t...
Happening Now April 3, 2014

Yahoo, Google and others knew the NSA was collecting data, lawyer says

Despite their claims otherwise, Yahoo and Google allegedly knew the National Security Agency was collecting data. A lawyer for the NSA says the U.S. tech giants...
Happening Now March 21, 2014
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