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Sign up to beta test these self-lacing shoes

Even if you're not a runner, you know how important shoe fit is when you're working out, whether you're playing golf, walking the dog,...
Happening Now April 20, 2019

You won't believe Apple's smart glasses that are coming soon

Google Glass was the first attempt at wearable smart glasses, and it failed in an epic fashion. It seems that Apple thinks they can...
Happening Now March 12, 2019

Self-lacing shoes and wearable tech that will change your life

Smart technology has evolved from smart TVs, cars and appliances to more personal products such as watches, activity trackers, sensors and apparel. We put...
Tips February 26, 2019

New smart ring can replace your credit card, house keys and more

I don't know about you, but I find myself carrying too many things, between the keys, credit cards, it starts to get heavy! Wouldn't...
Happening Now July 8, 2017

This simple gadget saved a man's life. If you don't have one, get one!

You won't believe what simple gadget saved a man's life.
Happening Now April 17, 2016

You won't believe what you'll see with these new contact lenses

You'll be shocked by what you can see with these contact lenses.
Happening Now April 10, 2016

Using wearable gadgets could get you arrested at one place you go all the time

Beware: Your Google Glass, GoPro or other wearable camera could get you kicked out of the theater - or worse, arrested. The Motion Picture...
Happening Now October 30, 2014

Apple is coming out with a smart watch this fall

Not to be outdone by Google and Motorola, Apple has revealed that it, too, is joining the smart watch race. The new wearable tech...
Happening Now June 20, 2014

Fitness trackers are a 'privacy nightmare'

Carving out the time to exercise is only half of the battle. Disciplining yourself to actually work out is a whole other ballgame. You...
Happening Now May 26, 2014

Check out NASA's awesome new sci-fi spacesuits

The vote on NASA's new spacesuits is in, and it's an upgrade from the Buzz Lightyear look! The design, called "Technology," will be coming...
Happening Now May 1, 2014
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