Other stories about WannaCry

You know Mealybug? Their malware operation has evolved, and that's bad news for us

You have probably heard of Mealybug, a hacking outfit that has been around since 2014 and done some pretty significant damage. Maybe you did...
Happening Now July 20, 2018

What in the world is WannaMine and how do you stop it?

The biggest malware attack last year was the WannaCry ransomware strain that affected over 400,000 across 150 countries worldwide. However, a malware attack called...
Happening Now February 4, 2018

Top 5 cyberthreats of 2018 and how to prepare for them

Security experts around the world agree: 2017 was a terrible year for cybercrimes. You may have been a victim of an unprecedented number of...
Tips January 2, 2018

Microsoft warns two banking Trojans that can steal from your accounts on the rise

If someone asked you for your bank account information, would you give it to them? Of course not! But that's exactly what will happen...
Happening Now November 10, 2017

WannaCry-style ransomware now targeting smartphones

It's happening sooner than anyone thought. Hackers have adapted one of the world's most lethal forms of ransomware, and its next victim could be...
Happening Now July 6, 2017

Another massive ransomware attack hitting businesses from banks to utilities and it's spreading worldwide!

Remember WannaCry ransomware? Back in May it swept through 150 countries worldwide. Now, a new form of ransomware is following in WannaCry's footsteps and...
Happening Now June 27, 2017

Hackers de-activating WannaCry ransomware kill switch - Prepare for a new attack now!

If a random kill switch hadn't been discovered in the code, WannaCry ransomware would have been unstoppable. Now, new evidence shows hackers are actively...
Happening Now May 28, 2017

Top 5 security lessons ransomware teaches us the hard way

Hackers are now developing "ransomworms" to spread ransomware automatically from one machine to the next. If you don't act now, you won't be ready...
Tips May 25, 2017

Ransomworm malware is coming, are you ready?

Ransomware has been one of the top cybersecurity threats of the past few years. But now it's evolved into something even worse. After WannaCry...
Happening Now May 22, 2017

How to protect yourself from ransomware attacks

Over 200,000 victims were hit by ransomware in 150 countries around the world recently. But if you think this new strain of ransomware has...
Tips May 17, 2017

Unexpected kill switch that halted global ransomware attack

Now this is a bit troubling. The largest ransomware attack in history recently hit more than 100 countries. But what's even more disturbing is...
Happening Now May 15, 2017


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