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Neo-Nazis using this popular game to recruit our kids

As a parent or grandparent, you know that keeping children safe is priority number one. Long gone are the days where we only needed...
Happening Now July 4, 2018

Create fireworks on your mobile gadget

Make everyday the Fourth of July with this fun fireworks app.
Apps June 28, 2018

Your vintage video game systems, old iPods and disco-era TVs could be worth big bucks

The thing with technology is that while it is new when it comes out, at some point it becomes a relic. Even the coolest,...
Happening Now May 23, 2018

Beware of new video games that might be scamming your kids

The latest video games are causing a stir. Some say they shouldn’t be available to minors. It’s not the content, but the added pay...
Happening Now December 17, 2017

This video game is on every kid's wish list - But should you buy it?

With gift-giving season just around the corner, kids will surely start hinting about what items they’d want to get. Some of the most requested...
Happening Now September 10, 2017

Nintendo Switch: Is the new gaming console worth it?

Nintendo took a big leap back into the gaming console market with the release of the Switch, a hybrid gadget that promises to deliver...
Tips March 23, 2017

Brand new Disney attraction you don't want to miss

The world first traveled to the mystical world of Pandora back in 2009 when director James Cameron’s film “Avatar” landed in theaters. While “Avatar”...
Tips January 16, 2017

Beyond Pokemon Go: 5 other augmented-reality apps you will love

Quick! Catch Pikachu! Augmented-reality (sometimes abbreviated "AR") apps and games for mobile devices have been around for years, but the ascendance of Pokemon Go...
Tips January 9, 2017

Old-school cool: 5 classic video games that got a new life on mobile

Mario stormed onto small gadgets in December when Nintendo released Super Mario Run for Apple devices. But it’s not the only retro video game...
Tips January 5, 2017

You won’t believe this guy’s home-built $51,000 computer

When it comes to buying a new computer, you're probably willing to spend a little extra for the features you want most. But just...
Happening Now July 16, 2016

The most-played computer game in history gets an upgrade

Solitaire just got a lot better. The most-played game in history has a flashy new upgrade with multiple games and challenges. The best part...
Downloads June 1, 2016

The retro games you played in the 80s could fetch you a fortune

You could be sitting on a small fortune and not even know it. This fun online calculator-game lets you know how much your retro...
Happening Now April 22, 2016

Play more than 100 games from one interface

Play more than 125 fun, easy games like Minesweeper and Tetris from one interface.
Downloads February 19, 2016

Fun and free games to play on your computer

One of the best ways to clear you mind is to play games, including classic computer games that are fun and free.
Downloads February 19, 2016

The surprising way video games are helping our veterans

After being deployed for months, years, maybe more, it takes most veterans time to transition back into civilian life. That was the case for Army...
Happening Now February 16, 2016

This top-selling game for Apple and Android is also the most beautiful

Get a game that's family friendly and hands-down the most beautiful game I've ever played.
Apps February 8, 2016

This guy is suing the makers of 'Fallout 4' because it is way too addictive

Anyone with a video-gaming loved one certainly knows the aftermath that comes when a new game is released. The space that was once your living...
Happening Now December 21, 2015

Play videogames and watch TV and movies together no matter where you are

Sync up multiple devices so you can watch TV shows, movies or play video games with your friends and family, no matter where you...
Downloads October 30, 2015

A fun and addictive game for your tablet and smartphone

Need your next addictive gaming fix? This app is sure to please, and keep you entertained for hours.
Apps October 9, 2015

The 'Netflix for video games' is here

Netflix costs $8 a month and lets you watch as much streaming content as you can handle. Now a new service costs the same, but...
Happening Now October 4, 2015
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