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Airlines cover up cameras on seat backs after backlash

When you're on a trip, it seems more cameras are focused on you than there are pointed at the actual tourist attractions. Airports, hotel...
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Best day to buy airline tickets is almost here

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If you've flown recently, major airlines may owe you money

We all know flying can be uncomfortable. With the cramped seats and lack of legroom it can feel like we are just sardines in...
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Bumped from a flight? Now you can use your phone to bid on compensation

Have you ever been at the airport waiting to fly out, only to find that you've been bumped from the flight? This can cost...
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Are airline bump lists really random?

It's been all over the news this week. A "random" passenger on United Airlines was forced off a plane even though he'd already paid...
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Utah man accused of hacking United Airlines

You won't believe what a hacker thought he could get away with when he broke into United Airlines' computer systems.
Happening Now May 19, 2016