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You might see a confusing new name, but that streaming service is still DirecTV Now

AT&T announced that it is changing the name of some of its cable and streaming services, keeping the names of others and generally sowing...
Happening Now August 17, 2019

5 streaming TV devices compared

This could be the year of the streaming service. Not only do you have many choices for providers, but you've also got multiple choices...
Columns January 26, 2019

AT&T debuts low-cost streaming alternative to DirecTV

Millions of Americans have already joined the "cut the cord" revolution. That's because cable and satellite bills have simply gotten out of control. With...
Happening Now June 23, 2018

Judge allows massive AT&T takeover of Time Warner

For months now people wondered if AT&T would be allowed to complete its takeover of Time Warner. The cost was $84.5 billion, but there...
Happening Now June 13, 2018

AT&T is acquiring Time Warner: What does this mean for you?

When one tech giant purchases another tech giant, it’s hard to even fathom its effects on service and daily operations. But critics are concerned...
Happening Now October 24, 2016

Data breach at Time Warner Cable. Up to 320,000 users affected

If you're one of Time Warner Cable's 16 million subscribers, your personal information may have been compromised. The FBI alerted the cable-Internet-phone provider of...
Happening Now January 7, 2016

Your ISP is probably ripping you off

Your ISP probably isn't delivering the speeds you're paying for.
Happening Now June 23, 2015

How the HUGE cable merger will affect YOU

This potential merger could have a huge impact on the cable and Internet markets.
Happening Now May 26, 2015

Comcast is no longer the least-popular cable company

Comcast has had a heck of a year, to say the least. If you remember, it started when the worst customer service call ever went viral, causing Comcast COO Dave...
Happening Now December 30, 2014

Outrageous! Time Warner wants to charge one man $20,000 for Internet access

Time Warner is charging one man $20,000 to hook up an Internet connection.
Happening Now November 15, 2014
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