Other stories about Terrorism

Playing flight simulator games could land you on the terrorist list

In the wake of 9/11, our government stepped up anti-terrorism programs to new, and sometimes scary, heights. I'm looking at you and your universal...
Happening Now February 26, 2015

The British Army is creating the 77th Brigade of 'Facebook Warriors'

As terrorists take their violent message to social media, armies change, too. The British Army has created an all-new unit with a very interesting...
Happening Now February 13, 2015

Terrorists hid messages in spam-like emails

Members of the Taliban used spam emails to trick the NSA.
Happening Now January 19, 2015

A Texas plumber's old truck ended up as an anti-aircraft weapon in Syria

A Texas plumber is receiving threats after his old truck showed up in a Twitter post by Islamic extremists in Syria.
Happening Now December 18, 2014

FBI using Facebook to hunt down would-be terrorists

The FBI is turning to social media to stop terrorist organizations from recruiting people online.
Happening Now October 20, 2014

ISIS uses video game to win hearts and recruits

ISIS has a disturbing new YouTube video out. This one will change the way you look at video games. The terrorist group also known...
Happening Now September 18, 2014

Recovered ISIS laptop had instructions for building bubonic plague weapons

ISIS has plans to create a devastating new weapon that could kill a lot of people.
Happening Now September 2, 2014

Stressed out? This camera could flag you as a terrorist

A new technology could flag you as a terrorist if you're feeling stressed out.
Happening Now August 18, 2014

40% of people on the terrorism watch list have ZERO terrorist ties

The government's terrorist watch list includes 280,000 people without any ties to terrorist organizations.
Happening Now August 6, 2014

How to tell if the government thinks you're a terrorist

If someone reading this is a terrorist, shame on you. I suspect that most of my listeners aren't actually terrorists. What a report leaked...
Happening Now July 27, 2014