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One thing to know before buying a food delivery service

When it comes to food delivery services, there are dozens out there to choose from. But which should you use, and what truly sets...
Tips August 14, 2018

5 summer safety tips to stay safe from burglars

Summer is known as vacation time, but did you know that it's also the peak season for burglars? If you're going to be away...
Tips June 27, 2018

Sponsored: Finally! Dinner from start to finish in 20 minutes, or less!

You're busy. I get it. As a mother and business owner, trust me, I'm right there with you. That's why I'm sharing this trick...
Tips May 9, 2018

Top 3 things burglars are looking for and how to protect your home

Summer is one of the best times of the year. It's finally warm enough to get outside and take your whole family on vacation....
Tips May 8, 2018

Sponsored: One secret gives your home the extra security it needs

How many people visit your home on a daily basis? Between your spouse, your kids, your parents, the in-laws, the babysitter, housekeeper, pool guy...
Tips April 24, 2018

Sponsored: Can I take my security system with me when I move?

When I was younger, I moved around a lot. It's the primary reason I never invested in a home security system. I'm sure many...
Tips April 10, 2018

Sponsored: Absolute fastest way to scan and share your photo collection

In millions of families across America and around the world, there’s one member who is the Keeper of the Photos. Often that person hasn’t...
Tips December 20, 2017

Protect your home with strategically placed security cameras

One of the easiest ways to protect your home is with 24/7 monitoring and well-placed security cameras. But where should you install them? Placement...
Tips September 27, 2017

Sponsored: Getting scammed is easier than you think

Scams are a dime a dozen these days. Phishing emails, like farming, virus infections - they're all ways crooks use to get your money....
Tips September 14, 2017

Put a decorator in your pocket without the expense

They say, "Home is where the heart is." That's why I know you'll love this app! It makes shopping for furniture, accessories and artwork...
Apps September 13, 2017

Sponsored: "Help! My hard drive crashed!" - Real stories that prove data backup is essential

"It won’t happen to me." That’s what these people thought too. When they ran into trouble, they almost lost access to all their files....
Tips September 7, 2017

Sponsored: Who has your back when your gadget crashes?

When the worst thing imaginable happens to you, what will you do? Your gadgets are storing tons of photos, videos, documents and files. Who's...
Tips August 28, 2017

What is IDrive Express, and how can it keep my data safe?

When you have tons of data you need to back up, the process can take over 60 days. But not if you use IDrive...
Tips August 25, 2017

Sponsored: Switch to the best! Get 90% off and backup all your devices

IDrive is celebrating its 10-year anniversary! That's just one of the many ways you can tell it's a reliable way to protect all your...
Tips August 24, 2017

Sponsored: Make an impact in someone's life with this time-saving gift

I love cooking for my family. In fact, I cook at least five or six nights a week. That's why, when I heard that...
Tips August 16, 2017

Sponsor: 9 sudden ways you could lose all your precious data

I've warned you that one ransomware attack is all it takes to lose everything on your computer, smartphone or tablet. But that's not the...
Tips August 8, 2017

Sponsor: 5 tips to spot an email scam

Your inbox gets flooded every day with emails that look legitimate, but are actually a scam. And if you’re not paying attention, you could...
Tips July 26, 2017

Sponsored: Protect all your gadgets with one easy step

A single click that opens a malicious attachment is all it takes to unleash a ransomware into your system. If you're not taking steps...
Tips June 22, 2017

Sponsored: Backing up is changing big time

There's no shortage of options when it comes to backup services. But, when you compare these services, the best solution becomes clear. If you...
Tips April 23, 2017

Sponsor: Quickly scan your old photos and preserve memories

You love sharing photos to your social media account, but unless they’re stored on your smartphone, computer or tablet, it’s a pain to get...
Tips December 28, 2016
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