Other stories about Outer Space

Where to watch this week's solar eclipse

This Friday, March 20, marks the vernal equinox and the official end of winter, but that's not all. A planetary event that only happens...
Happening Now March 18, 2015

This could be the biggest database of confirmed UFO sightings online

There's a long list of reported Unidentified Flying Object sightings that span hundreds of years. The Mutual UFO Network is building a site to...
Happening Now January 30, 2015

Help grow lettuce on Mars

Lettuce could be growing on Mars sooner than you think.
Happening Now December 31, 2014

UPDATE: The fight to save the comet spacecraft lander

UPDATE 11/17/2014: The Rosetta's landing craft, Philae, has shown us incredible photos, actually transmitted from the surface of a comet for the first time in...
Happening Now November 12, 2014

We just discovered ice on the last planet you'd expect

Which planet in our solar system do you think would be the least likely to have frozen water? You'd think it would be Mercury,...
Happening Now October 17, 2014

A satellite that can count the number of chickens on a farm is now overhead

Look up. Somewhere up there, floating 385 miles above your head, is one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery humanity has ever built....
Happening Now August 16, 2014

The International Space Station is getting an espresso machine

Some people go all out for their coffee. Click here to see what I mean.  Looks like the International Space Station is no different...
Happening Now June 16, 2014

This warp-drive spaceship could take us to new star systems - in our lifetime

A warp drive is under way at NASA's Johnson Space Center, and while the work is still in the beginning stages, it's not hard...
Happening Now June 11, 2014

SpaceX unveils its first manned spaceflight capsule

Elon Musk has done it again. The creator of the Tesla electric car has been turning his talents skyward with the SpaceX project. Today, he...
Happening Now May 30, 2014

Russia strikes back - will shut down U.S. GPS stations

U.S.-Russian relations have hit a new low. The U.S. has been issuing sanctions against Russia over its involvement in the turmoil in Ukraine and...
Happening Now May 13, 2014