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Top Story: New credit card skimmers are virtually undetectable when stealing your credit card info

Credit card skimmers of the past seem primitive when compared to the newest skimmers fraudsters are using. They've even given them the new name...
Happening Now January 29, 2017

New "insert" ATM skimmers are entirely invisible and take seconds to install

Your credit card is being skimmed without you knowing it. That's because these "insert" skimmers are almost impossible to detect. Watch this video to...
Happening Now December 1, 2016

Credit card skimming crime rampant but you can stop it

Have you heard about the surge in credit card skimming crimes? It's all over the news. Wherever you swipe your payment card, criminals are...
Happening Now June 10, 2016

Credit card skimmer scams spread to checkout line

Criminals have a new way to steal your money and it's happening all over the country in places from Walmart to convenience stores. Worse,...
Happening Now June 2, 2016

Top Story: New ATM skimmer threat spreading

A cyber gang has a new, scary way to steal your ATM card credentials and your money. Here's what you MUST do to stay...
Happening Now May 17, 2016

Top Story: 3 seconds is all thieves need to steal your credit card info

Did you see that? Watch as a crook installs a skimmer in less than 3 seconds
Happening Now March 20, 2016