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Is your browser secure? See if it needs updating

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. What do all these things have in common? They're all web browsers, and they all...
Cool Sites August 14, 2018

5 security mistakes you’re probably making

You don’t think about your car until you get a flat. You don’t appreciate your phone until the screen cracks. Cybersecurity is something you...
Columns December 7, 2017

Huge mistake Windows users make that puts them at risk of hacks

Nearly 90 percent of all desktop computers run Windows, but only a quarter of those PCs are actually secure. Why is that? It has...
Happening Now May 22, 2017

Your Chromebook will be obsolete in 5 years

Google Chromebooks are known for their affordability and impressive life spans, but there's a catch you need to know about before you buy. Turns...
Happening Now August 26, 2016

Monthly security updates stopped for these popular smartphones

A popular smartphone maker says it will no longer guarantee monthly security updates for one of its top-selling models. I'll explain what's changing and...
Happening Now July 27, 2016


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