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Bitcoins are the latest bait in dangerous phishing scams

A phishing scam offered free Bitcoins as an incentive to click malicious links.
Happening Now March 14, 2014

Sneaky Netflix tech support scam could let criminals take over your computer

A new Netflix phishing scam could let hackers take over your computer.
Happening Now March 3, 2014

Scam alert: Could your 'new' iPhone really be made from old parts?

An industry has sprung up around stripping broken iPhones for working parts and then reassembling them and selling them as new.
Happening Now February 28, 2014

Don't fall for this new, despicable Facebook scam!

A new hoax on Facebook tries to trick you into clicking malicious and fraudulent links by preying on your compassion for young children whose...
Happening Now February 24, 2014

Despicable scam targets the bereaved

There's a new email popping up in inboxes that tries to dupe emotionally vulnerable folks into clicking a link loaded with malware.
Happening Now February 17, 2014

Beware of fake Flappy Bird survey scams

Fake Flappy Bird downloads could ensnare you in scams.
Happening Now February 12, 2014
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