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Watch out for convincing Fitbit knockoffs

You've heard of "counterfeit," but have you heard of counterFitbits? If you haven't heard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials recently seized around $35,000...
Happening Now January 16, 2016

Watch out for automated Russian dating scams

If you are having a romantic online relationship, or you're thinking about it, you need to be aware of the potential dangers. A lot...
Happening Now January 10, 2016

Don't fall for fake IRS scam calls

When we say "scam," you probably think of phishing emails or malicious Facebook posts, but the most common type of scam in America is actually...
Happening Now November 22, 2015

MetroPCS data breach: 10 million exposed

In mid-October, security researchers found a glaring flaw on the payment page of MetroPCS, a contract-free cell carrier owned by T-Mobile with 10 million...
Happening Now November 16, 2015

College loan scams fish for targets on Facebook

If you're sitting on a stack of unpaid student loans, or you have a child who has racked up tens of thousands of dollars...
Happening Now September 13, 2015

381 Wikipedia editors banned over extortion scandal

Need another reason not to trust Wikipedia when it comes to the unvarnished truth? At least 381 editors have been banned for running so-called...
Happening Now September 2, 2015

Facebook loses appeal, must turn over incriminating photos

A five judge appeals court in New York has decided that your Facebook photos MAY be protected by the Fourth Amendment, but not ALL...
Happening Now July 22, 2015

Watch out for these fake airline ticket giveaway scams on Facebook

Summer is only halfway over, which means there's still plenty of time to travel. If you're looking at airline prices, though, you might be...
Happening Now July 20, 2015

Phone scams spreading like wildfire

The latest Phone Fraud came out and it has some disturbing facts. Check here to see if you've fallen victim to these vicious scammers.
Happening Now June 17, 2015

Facebook scam promises free groceries

Facebook has more than 1.44 billion users, which makes it a hacker's paradise for posting scams. Even if only 1% of users fall for...
Happening Now June 16, 2015
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