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Not again! Another Samsung phone explodes - This time on a plane!

With millions of Americans making travel plans for the holidays, this news is really scary. If you're on a flight, you could be sitting...
Happening Now December 9, 2016

This smartphone has 11 security flaws

When you hear the word "smartphone" and the phrase "security flaw" together, your thoughts probably turn immediately to Android. After the recent news about...
Happening Now November 4, 2015

Accidental leak exposes amazing new Android phone

I'm sure you've seen commercials for Samsung's Galaxy S6 smartphones, both the normal version and the Edge model with the wraparound screen, or maybe...
Happening Now June 5, 2015

You HAVE to see this wild new 'Iron Man' smartphone

Take a look at this cool new superhero smartphone.
Happening Now May 27, 2015

This new smartphone will make iPhone users jealous

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are impressive. Take a look.
Happening Now March 3, 2015

Is this an iPhone killer? This new smartphone's 3-sided screen looks AWESOME

Samsung consistently sells more smartphones than anyone else every quarter. But, Apple finally narrowed the gap with Samsung in the last quarter of last...
Happening Now February 24, 2015

Microsoft wants to get into your Android phone and tablet

Microsoft might be all over one of the most popular Android phones of the year.
Happening Now February 13, 2015

New Samsung Galaxy release date

Are you happy with your smartphone? If you own a Samsung gadget, odds are you love it. That's because Samsung owners are happier with...
Happening Now February 4, 2015