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Borrow free audiobooks using your phone

It’s no surprise then that libraries, fantastic resources for many things but especially for books and reading, have had audiobooks in their collections for...
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A tool for reading and editing eBooks

The e-book is a handy invention. You no longer need to have shelves full of dead trees. You can store all you favorite books...
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Get these 25 free interactive children's eBooks for the summer

Hanging out with friends, family vacations and camping trips are a few of the great summertime memories I have from childhood. As a parent,...
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Free digital eBook librarian

Got a ton of e-books filling up your computer? Easily organize, convert and load them onto your e-reader.
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Amazon Prime rolls out free books and magazines

Are you an Amazon Prime member? The list of perks keeps on growing! The latest benefit added to the list is perfect for anyone...
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The New York Public Library just released TONS of pictures online for public use

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the way it brings the world to you. That includes the Library of Congress, and...
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Speed-reading apps may cost you some comprehension

If you're a slow reader, you may find one of the many speed-reading tools out there helpful. But at what cost? A new study...
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