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5 Amazon default settings you must change now to increase your privacy

Amazon built an online shopping empire around this mission statement - "to be Earth's most customer-centric company." From its humble beginnings as an online...
Tips July 14, 2018

The private information we happily give away each day

America’s relationship with big tech defies logic. We blame big tech for the disappearance of our personal privacy. Yet, every day, we think nothing...
Columns July 11, 2018

Get this free tool to stop creepy online tracking

Ever had an online ad follow you tenaciously across all your gadgets? You know the drill. Maybe you looked up a pair of running...
Tips July 11, 2018

Tech lawyer discusses 2 biggest issues today

One of the biggest challenges about our online world today is the law covering it. Technology has quickly outstripped efforts to regulate it and...
Happening Now July 10, 2018

Facebook bug leads to users being unblocked

When it comes to Facebook, we get to choose who our "friends" are. We decide whose posts and stories we would like to follow,...
Happening Now July 3, 2018

Private web browsing doesn't hide everything

There’s a lot of talk these days about protecting your privacy online, and for good reason. Whether you are searching for the latest news,...
Tips June 30, 2018

Facebook can predict your death

We recently told you about Google's ambitions to take its predictive models and machine learning expertise to clinics and hospitals everywhere. With the use...
Happening Now June 26, 2018

Is Facebook listening? Public isn’t sure

Here’s a creepy scene that’s being reported more and more often: Immediately after a private, personal conversation, an online ad pops up on your...
Columns June 25, 2018

Anonymous Browsing, Converting Slides, Mosquito-Repelling Apps, and More: Tech Q&A

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital. Sometimes choosing the most interesting...
Columns June 23, 2018

Facebook Messenger is changing and you'll hate it

Facebook Messenger has become one of the go-to forms of communication for people. Available for both the desktop version of Facebook as well as...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

Alexa in hotels -- good idea or potential trouble?

Millions of Americans are now living in "smart homes." That means their home is equipped with electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by...
Happening Now June 19, 2018

Does your Android phone get a regular security update?

Whether it is for performance reasons, to get new features or just make sure the phone's security is as tight as it can be,...
Tips June 19, 2018

Call, text, email - safely and privately!

For better or worse, the digital age and internet have changed the way society functions, to the point where now it's difficult to imagine...
Apps June 18, 2018

I changed the way I deal with passwords, and you should too

I've got dozens and dozens of websites I've subscribed to. After all, I'm always on the lookout for the latest news, gadgets, apps and...
Tips June 16, 2018

Facebook bug left 14 million users' sharing settings open to public

Facebook has made a big stink lately about its improved focus on privacy, from alerting us to specific security settings to even removing certain...
Happening Now June 7, 2018

3 security programs that should be on every computer or laptop

The digital world can be a scary place. There are cybercriminals from every corner of the world looking to steal our credentials, rip us...
Tips June 5, 2018

Facebook gave your data to more than 60 companies including Apple and Samsung

Facebook is not having a great year. The social media giant found itself in hot water not long ago when news of the Cambridge...
Happening Now June 4, 2018

Creepy Google Chrome extension knows when you look away from your screen

You ever get the feeling that you are being watched, even when no one else is in the room? That's silly, right? Like, there's...
Happening Now May 29, 2018

How to delete your Google search history

Off the top of your head, how many times a day do you log into Google? Is it a dozen times? Is it 100...
Tips May 29, 2018

Don't ignore this alert from Facebook it's your chance to protect your privacy

Facebook is still scrambling to try and convince us all they are taking privacy seriously, with a big part of their effort revolving around...
Happening Now May 25, 2018
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