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Save money on printing with a special font

Spending too much on printer ink? Save up to 25% on printing costs with this ink-efficient font.
Downloads October 6, 2018

Print pages off the web without all the ads

I know this has happened to you before because it's happened to me, too. You go to print something from the web and end...
Downloads August 26, 2018

Sponsored: 5 tips to being more photogenic

You are in the perfect spot having a great time and all of a sudden a picture if you is snapped. What should be...
Tips June 7, 2018

Sponsor: Ways you can save money on precious printer ink

How many times have you gone to print some important document only to see the "low ink level" light start flashing? You replace the...
Tips October 11, 2017

How to print from your smartphone

Printing from a smartphone or tablet has never been as easy as it should be. Find out if it's finally hassle-free.
Tips April 30, 2017

Print online articles without all the ads

Don't waste paper and ink printing online articles. This site can save you time and money!
Cool Sites June 22, 2016

FREE Download: How to fix a stuck printer in less than 30 seconds

Stuck print job got you flummoxed? This problem-solving software fixes it in less than 30 seconds!
Downloads June 5, 2016

Save money on printer ink

Printer ink is expensive, so don't waste it. Print only what you need to print with this powerful program.
Cool Sites January 11, 2016

Check out this new inkjet technique for hiding secret images

Counterfeit document makers will soon have their work cut out for them, if one of Europe's most elite technical schools has anything to say...
Happening Now January 1, 2016

Hackers can take over your printer - see the weird thing they can do with it

You're rightfully worried about hackers spying on you, stealing from you and otherwise wrecking your computer with nasty malware. It happens all the time....
Happening Now September 19, 2014
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