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Free alternative to Photoshop

Do you love to take photographs? If you're really passionate about photography, you probably love editing photos as much as you love taking them....
Downloads August 19, 2018

These forensic tools expose any photo's hidden data

There are many reasons why image data could be retrieved, such as a need to collect evidence for an upcoming trial, help in preventing...
Tips August 17, 2018

A free way to edit your photos

There are various photo editing programs but generally the more features you want, the more they cost. But there is a free one that...
Downloads July 22, 2018

Must-have app for serious photographers

Even the best photographers would admit that some editing goes into their prized shots. When thinking about that, our minds usually turn to expensive...
Apps July 5, 2018

Take perfect Fourth of July pictures

Independence Day is a great time to break out the camera. Here's how to take the best fireworks shots.
Tips June 26, 2018

Sponsored: 5 tips to being more photogenic

You are in the perfect spot having a great time and all of a sudden a picture if you is snapped. What should be...
Tips June 7, 2018

Pick the best moment to capture your outdoor photos with this app

If you like exploring the great outdoors, there's nothing like documenting your adventures with the perfect landscape photo. However, capturing the best outdoor image...
Apps May 24, 2018

Sponsored: One trick to stop people from stealing your online photos

You put your heart, soul, time, talent, and skill into your photographs. You share your beloved images online, only to find someone else has...
Tips May 23, 2018

Make money selling your photos online

Are you a photographer or artist with some great creations to sell? Or maybe just someone who loves taking pictures? You can put your...
Cool Sites May 15, 2018

Pro tips to capture the best pictures of your pets

Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, ferret, pig, snake, chickens or even a horse, those furry (or scaly) babies are part of your...
Tips May 11, 2018

Free photo editors turn your pictures into masterpieces

Capturing a great photo is like capturing lightning in a bottle. You'd better get it right the first time. At least that's the way...
Downloads April 28, 2018

Innovative ways to make money online

“Online work” used to mean “money grabbing scam.” You might find a job selling things online for a commission or writing blogs for money,...
Columns January 6, 2018

Google launches 3 AI experimental photo apps for iOS and Android

You have to agree, we all love taking instant photos and videos on our smartphones! To assist us in creating our next mobile photo...
Happening Now December 15, 2017

HDR is the most used term in consumer tech but you don’t always need it

The technology world is known for containing an alphabet soup of abbreviations. You’re already familiar with terms like USB, Wi-Fi, and HDMI, and you...
Tips November 2, 2017

You can now mail in your old iPhone to Apple to trade for the iPhone 8

https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/11/apple-adds-a-mail-in-option-to-its-iphone-upgrade-program/ Who doesn’t like getting a new smartphone? I bet many of you have been anxiously waiting for the new iPhone 8. Finally, Apple...
Happening Now September 12, 2017

Q&A with Kim: Streaming live sports, photographing the eclipse, ditching your work phone, and more

In my weekly Q&A, I answer my listeners' most important questions. Learn how to stream live sports, how to photograph the eclipse, consolidate phone...
Columns August 12, 2017

5 digital tricks for everyday situations

Over time, most computer users have learned helpful tricks. Once you start using them, you forget what life was like before you knew about...
Columns July 22, 2017

Print Facebook photos with this quick trick

It's fun and easy to post photos to Facebook. But, there's a downside to that convenience. If you're like most people, you don't print...
Tips July 4, 2017

3 tips for taking better food photos with your phone

Have you ever tried a new restaurant or recipe and wanted to show off what you ate? The trend of sharing food photos is...
Tips May 26, 2017

Q&A with Kim: Track the solar eclipse, Extra cash for teachers, and more

Each week, I receive tons of questions about all things digital. This week, I'm talking about tracking the 2017 solar eclipse, extra cash for...
Columns April 29, 2017
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