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Think twice about doing this one thing on Facebook

Thinking of posting those new photos of your kids on Facebook and other social media? Think again. There’s a growing number of parents who...
Happening Now August 20, 2014

Neglectful parents are killing their children. This app can stop them

One simple app could help you keep your child safe and avoid a tragedy.
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The surprising way two 14-year-olds cracked an ATM's security

Two Manitoba teens on a lunch break from school just proved that ATM security isn't all it's cracked up to be - and they...
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The most disruptive thing in the classroom is an app

You will not believe what one app could do to a classroom of teens! Snapchat, one of the hottest apps for teens, came out...
Happening Now May 2, 2014

Teens can't tell the real world from the Internet

A survey says teens can no longer differentiate between the online world and the real world. And that can lead to serious consequences for...
Happening Now April 28, 2014

iPads are wrecking kids' motor skills

There's conflicting reports all over the Internet. Do tablets make kids smarter? Or do they do the complete opposite? Members of the Association of Teachers...
Happening Now April 17, 2014