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Facebook outage shows just how well its AI 'sees' all the photos you post

Facebook doesn't just monitor the words you post or how you interact with the site, its artificial intelligence also "sees" the contents of your...
Happening Now July 6, 2019

Update: Google Calendar has been restored

No, it's not just you. Google Calendar is down for most users across the U.S. and Europe. Google says they're working on it.
Happening Now June 18, 2019

Emergency 911 services knocked out due to this ISP's massive data outage

If you are having issues connecting to emergency services or even getting internet, cable or phone access, you are not the only one. One...
Happening Now December 28, 2018

Skype accounts getting hacked - Are your gadgets safe?

More than 300 million people use Skype each month. That's what makes this such bad news. If you're having issues connecting to Skype, you...
Happening Now June 20, 2017

Internet and cellphone outages reported nationwide

What's happening? If you're experiencing issues getting online or using your cellphone, this is why. There is a national outage going on right now....
Happening Now June 19, 2017

Massive internet outage hits multiple sites

Are you noticing issues with your web browsing today? Websites not loading, broken links, or things just running slower than usual - these issues...
Happening Now February 28, 2017