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Apple’s big mistakes at the WWDC

I wasn’t always an Apple fan. I just switched from Windows a few years ago. That's why I carefully watched this morning's much-anticipated Apple...
Happening Now June 8, 2015

Don't miss Apple's big news today

Have you ever noticed that when Apple rolls out a new product, like the Apple Watch or latest iPhone, there are already a host...
Happening Now June 8, 2015

Computer maker fights back: Shellshock patch protects against 'worst computer bug ever'

A new virus was discovered last week that many were calling "worse than Heartbleed" for Mac machines. Today, Apple released a patch.
Happening Now September 30, 2014

Find out which Apple gadgets will be able to run the iOS 8 and Yosemite

Apple recently announced this year's big updates for Macs, iPhones and iPads. The new Mac operating system will be called OS X 10.10 Yosemite,...
Happening Now June 14, 2014

Apple unveils OS X 10.10 - Yosemite

Updated: Watch the full event below. Apple ditched lions, tigers, pumas, ocelots and other big kitties with last year's OS X update: Mavericks. Contrary...
Happening Now June 2, 2014

Try out new versions of OS X before anyone else

I've got great news for Apple fans. A new beta testing program is open to the public and could give you a chance to...
Happening Now April 23, 2014