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We all have bad habits, like biting our nails or drinking straight from the milk carton. While it's bad form, it won't steal your...
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How to see all the data Facebook collects (and sells) about you

You can get to if you know the steps. How to see all the data Facebook collects (and sells) about you
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New privacy rule impacts Microsoft users

When it comes to your privacy, Microsoft is known for being lax. Now Microsoft is the first U.S. company to adopt these strict new...
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Privacy alert: Huge health insurance security gaps can reveal your ID

Privacy alert: Feds say huge security gaps could reveal hundreds of thousands of health insurance IDs. Find out which websites are vulnerable and what...
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Privacy Alert! Verizon is going to tell people where you are

If you value your privacy, this is alarming. Verizon is about to tell some advertisers where you are. It's one more reason the FCC's...
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