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New app lets you turn your water into wine

Do you have big plans for New Year's Eve? Whether you're going to a massive party or having an intimate gathering with a few...
Happening Now December 31, 2017

You have to see what this new version of Windows will look like

I realize that over the years, the excitement of seeing another new Windows update release has waned. But don't brush this off as yet...
Happening Now October 6, 2017

Why you'll be taking a ton of 360-degree photos next year

If you’ve ever seen a photograph that gave you an all-around view instead of just from a single camera angle, you’ve already experienced how...
Tips August 23, 2017

Get a free $17,000 camera from Google!

Wow! This is a prize you'll want to win! Google is handing out 100 top-grade cameras for free, and all you have to do...
Happening Now April 27, 2017

Why you’ll hate Facebook’s plans for social media

When it comes to social media, Facebook is king. That's why you're going to hate how the tech giant plans to change the entire...
Happening Now April 19, 2017

Q&A with Kim: Fine-tune TV picture quality, Stop webcam spies, and more

Each week, I receive tons of questions about all things digital. This week, I'm talking about fine-tuning your TV's picture quality, stopping webcam spies,...
Columns March 25, 2017

Is Netflix about to become obsolete?

When it comes to streaming movies and shows, Netflix is king. The company has dominated the market year after year, but could another competitor...
Happening Now October 29, 2016

Everything Microsoft announced and what you need to know about it

Microsoft has just unveiled its brand new products! Did you catch the main event? If not, it's OK. I've compiled all of the highlights...
Tips October 26, 2016

Sony finally makes virtual reality affordable

Virtual reality has been gaining traction, but its hefty price tag has placed it out of reach for many consumers. But Sony's new VR...
Happening Now October 16, 2016

Zuckerberg demos the future of Facebook and it looks amazing

Facebook is adding some futuristic technology that you're going to love! Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the social media giant's leap into the world of virtual...
Happening Now October 8, 2016

Facebook's new VR headset is for sale. Should you get one?

Facebook today unveiled the most-powerful virtual reality headset that you can buy. Here's one reason you'll definitely want one, and a bunch more why...
Happening Now March 28, 2016

Peek inside the human body with this incredible T-shirt and app

Virtual reality comes to the classroom with this very cool, or creepy, VR T-shirt.
Happening Now March 5, 2016

McDonald's turns Happy Meals into virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality looks good on paper, but has never worked in real life. McDonald's is hoping to help change that with its new Happy...
Happening Now March 1, 2016

Here come the Facebook zombies

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, made a surprise appearance at the 2016 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, where he talked about the future of virtual...
Happening Now February 22, 2016

Get up-close and virtual with Sports Illustrated swimsuit models

Sports Illustrated's most popular issue, the SI Swimsuit issue, has gone virtual. Now, you can strap on a pair of virtual reality goggles to...
Happening Now February 18, 2016

The new HP Sprout computer is perfect for 3-D printing

The future of computing is already here. It includes 3-D imaging so you can create realistic images for virtual reality, or augmented reality games...
Happening Now January 20, 2016

Nikon and Kodak BOTH have new mini action cams, and they're all about VR

Every tech gadget you can dream up will eventually show up at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year's event, which...
Happening Now January 6, 2016

Facebook says it's building a teleporter. What does it mean?

Since the original "Star Trek" series aired in 1966, the near-magical transporter, and the non-canonical phrase "Beam me up, Scotty," have gained a permanent spot in...
Happening Now November 4, 2015

This cool VR drone lets you be Superman for real

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to fly? Now you can know. There's a drone being developed that you control...
Happening Now October 2, 2015

The first virtual reality headset for everyone

Virtual reality isn't a new idea. It's been tried, and failed to take off, many times over the last few decades. Part of that was...
Happening Now September 26, 2015
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