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Weird and wonderful tech debuting at CES 2019

If you weren't one of the lucky ones who could make it to this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, then don't worry....
Happening Now January 11, 2019

With this new scanner, you might just get through airport security faster

"One major airport claims its security checkpoints will be a little smoother and faster with this new body scanner. Will travelers want this kind...
Happening Now December 20, 2018

Amazing new tech can sense stress and even smell

Technology has come a long way and seems to be becoming more and more futuristic with every day that goes by. Sometimes it's hard...
Happening Now October 20, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Google's new phones - anything new or same old stuff?

It's time to start comparing smartphones with cars. Every year we get new ones, but it's the same basic model with a few bells...
Columns October 10, 2018

Ukulele robot plays ‘The Godfather’ theme

The internet has spawned tons of creativity and new exciting designs. There are millions of websites that you can spend days upon days checking...
Happening Now August 9, 2018

20 things we don’t do anymore because of technology

See if this sounds familiar: You’re not sure where your U.S. road atlas is or if you even own one. It’s been so long...
Columns March 14, 2018

Get ready for distance wireless charging

Sick of running wires everywhere? This new FCC certified technology may change everything about how we power our devices. It is truly mind blowing.
Happening Now December 27, 2017

Scientists create artificial flexible SKIN to give robots a human-like sense of touch

When you think of robots, do you always see them as these metal contraptions we typically see in movies? This might change soon! Engineers...
Happening Now October 22, 2017

3 low-tech activities getting high-tech makeovers

You never thought you'd see the day when computers fit in the palm of your hand, and your car practically drives itself. But, it's...
Tips June 27, 2017

Check out Apple’s strangest patents

We all know Apple for the famous products it has brought to the market including the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. But it’s not...
Tips February 3, 2017
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