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Netflix will jack up prices soon

Netflix is going to be more expensive by the end of this quarter. According to a letter to shareholders, Netflix is planning a one-...
Happening Now April 21, 2014

Ultra-HD 4K Netflix is here! Too bad you probably won't be able to watch it

Netflix has begun offering select programming in 4K.
Happening Now April 10, 2014

Netflix has an April Fools' Day hit on it's hands

Everybody gets in on the act on April Fools' Day, and Netflix is no exception. The streaming movie service is airing a very special...
Happening Now April 1, 2014

Apple is the next company to negotiate with Comcast for a streaming fast lane

Apple is following Netflix's lead and negotiating with Comcast to ensure broadband speed for streaming video.
Happening Now March 24, 2014

Last chance: Watch these Netflix movies while they last, plus what's new in April

It's that time again! Licenses for individual movies and TV shows are set to expire on Netflix at the end of the month, so that...
Happening Now March 20, 2014

Sneaky Netflix tech support scam could let criminals take over your computer

A new Netflix phishing scam could let hackers take over your computer.
Happening Now March 3, 2014

10 best romantic Netflix movies to watch with your Valentine

Pop open a bottle of wine and snuggle up next to your honey with one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.
Happening Now February 14, 2014
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