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Netflix has a boring new logo - here's the interesting reason why

Netflix is following all the rage in design - flattened logos. You've seen it in the new iOS 7 for iPhone. Now, you'll see...
Happening Now May 6, 2014

How much time will you spend binge-watching the top TV shows?

Netflix and other streaming services have had a big effect on viewers, especially in one area: binge watching! View an entire season - or...
Happening Now May 2, 2014

Netflix will soon be faster on Verizon, too

If you have Verizon, your Netflix streaming should start speeding up. After reaching a deal with Comcast to help speed up downloads, Netflix has...
Happening Now April 29, 2014

Netflix will have its own cable channel on TV

Netflix, champion of cable cutting, has decided to plug in. The streaming video provider has reached an agreement with three cable companies to appear...
Happening Now April 25, 2014

Copycats bring back the Netflix tech-support scam

Malwarebytes has found a new phishing scam that's the same as an old phishing scam - and it's just as dangerous. Potential victims are...
Happening Now April 25, 2014

You don't like Netflix's price hike, but Wall Street does

Not everybody is unhappy that Netflix is raising prices. Investors, in fact, are ecstatic. After hearing a good quarterly report and the news of...
Happening Now April 24, 2014

FCC's new rules OK Netflix-Comcast style agreements

In January, a D.C. Circuit court struck down the basis of the FCC's so-called Net Neutrality rules. This landmark ruling paved the way for...
Happening Now April 23, 2014

Netflix will jack up prices soon

Netflix is going to be more expensive by the end of this quarter. According to a letter to shareholders, Netflix is planning a one-...
Happening Now April 21, 2014

Ultra-HD 4K Netflix is here! Too bad you probably won't be able to watch it

Netflix has begun offering select programming in 4K.
Happening Now April 10, 2014

Netflix has an April Fools' Day hit on it's hands

Everybody gets in on the act on April Fools' Day, and Netflix is no exception. The streaming movie service is airing a very special...
Happening Now April 1, 2014