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Net Neutrality: FCC may treat the Internet as a utility

Is the Internet just another utility, like electricity and water? The FCC is considering treating it that way. In a live chat on Twitter,...
Happening Now May 14, 2014

FCC caves to public pressure - will ban Internet 'fast lanes'

Those Internet 'fast lanes' never stood a chance. After public outcry over the idea of some companies paying Internet Service Providers to get a faster...
Happening Now May 12, 2014

Net Neutrality: Google, Microsoft and Facebook team up to fight FCC

The fight over Net Neutrality shows no signs of letting up. Last month, the Federal Communications Commission created waves with new proposed rules that would...
Happening Now May 8, 2014

Net Neutrality: 5 ISPs are holding Web speed hostage

Has your Internet been spotty lately? It may not be your tech, it could be the companies providing your service. I've been covering the...
Happening Now May 6, 2014

FCC threatens war over Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has fightin' words for anybody who challenges Net Neutrality. In a blog post, Wheeler advocates for "Open Internet" rules drawn...
Happening Now April 30, 2014

FCC's new rules OK Netflix-Comcast style agreements

In January, a D.C. Circuit court struck down the basis of the FCC's so-called Net Neutrality rules. This landmark ruling paved the way for...
Happening Now April 23, 2014

FCC punches back on Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed new Net Neutrality regulations to prevent ISPs from arbitrarily blocking certain traffic.
Happening Now February 19, 2014