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Emergency medical information on your child's phone

When an emergency arises, you don't want to be caught flat-footed without key information you need. This is all the more urgent when it's...
Columns August 13, 2018

Hidden iPhone features that could save your life

Since smartphones keep us connected almost all the time, they can also be critical safety and distress signal tools in emergencies and times of...
Tips February 12, 2018

How your iPhone could save your life

It’s hard to imagine leaving the house without a cellphone. Most of us feel naked and alone without our phones, disconnected from the world....
Columns December 30, 2017

This one step on your phone can save your life, notify your family you’re in trouble and help others!

With the recent natural disaster like Hurricane Irma, or the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, my family's safety is incredibly important to me now...
Tips October 4, 2017


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