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How to avoid sneaky 'Media Player' malware

This morning, I stumbled across a piece of malware that I hadn't seen before, and it was so good it nearly got me! You...
Happening Now August 6, 2014

Your computer could be sending 5 million spam emails per week

So how much spam could botnets like Gameover Zeus actually trick your computer into sending? A botnet is one of the most powerful tools...
Happening Now August 5, 2014

The FBI is secretly hiding malware in some websites

The FBI is using a secret method to hide malware on some websites.
Happening Now August 5, 2014

Hackers can watch you through your own security cameras

The "Internet of Things" is a concept that all of our home gadgets will soon be connected to the Internet. Patrick Wardle and Cody Moore,...
Happening Now August 4, 2014

DHS warns of a new malware stealing credit-card info

The Department of Homeland Security announced the danger of a recent method that hackers were using to steal credit-card information last week. For a...
Happening Now August 4, 2014

Does your anti-virus have security flaws? Find out now

Your anti-virus might not be as safe as you thought. An expert from COSEINC, a computer security firm based in Singapore, recently presented some...
Happening Now August 2, 2014

Do NOT open this one email. It's a virus

It seems like quite a few email scams have crossed my desk these last few weeks. First, there was this suspicious email claiming to be...
Happening Now August 2, 2014

Top 10 Facebook scams

It's no secret that the Internet can be a dangerous place. With just one stray click, you can get a virus and malware, you...
Happening Now July 31, 2014

A massive wave of malware is about to strike. Are you ready?

You know how important digital security is to me. I do the best I can to make sure that you stay alerted to the...
Happening Now July 29, 2014

Scary new 'FBI Lock' virus holds your phone for ransom

New ransomware virus takes over Android gadgets. Learn how to get rid of it without paying hundreds of dollars.
Happening Now July 28, 2014

Guess which browser has the most security flaws

Surprise! The latest version of Internet Explorer is still the number one target for hackers, according to a report by cybersecurity firm Bromium. The...
Happening Now July 26, 2014

Revealed: the 9 most terrifying new hacker strategies

Fox Business just released a list of nine possible hacks that could be affecting consumers later this year. I've covered most of these hacks...
Happening Now July 25, 2014

A new virus is tearing apart Windows

A new virus is on the rise, and this one is a doozy. Dubbed the "Bladabindi," this is a multi-identity virus that has the capability...
Happening Now July 24, 2014

Guess which superhero is most likely to give you a virus

Every year, McAfee reveals the Internet's most dangerous celebrities, meaning that clicking on or searching for certain stars can put you at serious risk...
Happening Now July 24, 2014

Hackers take over 50,000 websites

A vulnerable WordPress plugin has allowed hackers to take over 50,000 websites
Happening Now July 24, 2014

Guess which infamous scammers are attacking small businesses now

Infamous hackers are back with a brand new attack targeting businesses.
Happening Now July 23, 2014

Despicable Flight 17 scandal is even worse than you would believe

If you see a link to a picture or video of the MH17 disaster in Ukraine, look out. Security experts have discovered scammers using...
Happening Now July 22, 2014

New, highly dangerous Facebook virus

Beware of this racy video on Facebook. It could install a virus on your computer.
Happening Now July 22, 2014

Russian malware infiltrates the Nasdaq stock exchange

In 2010, every U.S. intelligence agency was on the hunt for the creators of malware that might have been coded to wipe out an...
Happening Now July 17, 2014

Beware! Fake piracy warning emails contain a dangerous Trojan

I've showed you how to spot a fake email in the past, but this one affects an estimated 30,000 Internet users in Germany, and...
Happening Now July 9, 2014


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