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New ransomware locks your phone's files

You might remember my warnings about the CryptoLocker virus. This dangerous virus encrypts your documents and gives you four days to pay a ransom to...
Happening Now June 9, 2014

The NSA can bug your phone even when it's off

In his interview with Brian Williams last week, Edward Snowden made some claims about the NSA that seem pretty incredible. I mean, can the...
Happening Now June 4, 2014

Feds warn about two viruses that stole more than $100 million

The U.S. Department of Justice is sounding the alarm on two widespread viruses. The first, CryptoLocker, you've heard me talk about before. Last year,...
Happening Now June 3, 2014

Scary ransomware hack hits Apple gadgets in the U.S.

A few days ago, I warned you about a dangerous new ransomware attack that's holding people's iPhones, iPads and Macs hostage in Australia. This...
Happening Now May 30, 2014

Scary new 'ransomware' attacks Android gadgets

Ransomware doesn't seem like it'll ever go away. Remember CryptoLocker, or the even more devastating CryptoDefense? Now, there's a new ransomware  going around that...
Happening Now May 19, 2014

Sudden boom in malware late last year, Microsoft says

Microsoft Windows computers saw an explosion in malware late last year, mostly from an application that got by most security companies. Almost 6 0ut...
Happening Now May 8, 2014

Are anti-virus products 'doomed to failure'?

Symantec, which makes the Norton anti-virus that might be on your computer right now, thinks that anti-virus software is "doomed to failure" and thinks...
Happening Now May 5, 2014

XP users beware: A security flaw that can't be fixed

If you've been following my website or email newsletters for the last year, you've seen my warnings that Windows XP was on its way...
Happening Now April 28, 2014

Cisco: Your IT department is hosting malware

Thank God for IT departments! Even though they can be a bit trying sometimes, they come to the rescue when you've really botched up your...
Happening Now April 24, 2014

Cybercriminals have their eyes on the cloud

Cyber bad guys never stop looking for new ways or new places to start their attacks on your data. Now, they're attacking the cloud....
Happening Now April 23, 2014

New malware attacks jailbroken iPads and iPhones

Watch your Apple device. If it's "jailbroken", it may be primed for a brand new malware attack. What's "jailbreaking"? It's a way of unlocking...
Happening Now April 22, 2014

Check a site for the 'Heartbleed' bug

The "Heartbleed" bug is all over the news today, and with good reason: It may have compromised all your passwords, credit cards, Social Security...
Happening Now April 9, 2014

CryptoDefense: The new supervirus of death

Remember CryptoLocker, the ransomware virus that locked up computers and demanded money to unlock? Now, that horrible virus may have a companion that's a...
Happening Now April 4, 2014

Dangerous Android malware can upgrade itself

You know I tell you to watch out for apps that ask for too many permissions, like to your contact list or to your...
Happening Now April 2, 2014

This racy Facebook video isn't what it seems - avoid it!

A new malicious Facebook video is making the rounds, but it has an irresistible angle. Find out
Happening Now March 7, 2014

Self-replicating virus infects and breeds inside Linksys routers

Linksys routers could be in danger from new malware that infects your firmware and replicates itself.
Happening Now February 14, 2014
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