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Top Story: Web attack! Everything you should know about malware on Facebook

If you're using Facebook, stop! Before you click on anything, you need to read this. Facebook reached out to me to share this critical...
Happening Now November 24, 2016

Top Story: Don't use Facebook again until you've read this

Facebook is the biggest force on the internet, but if you use it right now, you're putting yourself at risk. Hackers have broken into...
Happening Now November 22, 2016

New sophisticated ransomware attack targets 100 million people

Watch out! Up to 100 million people are being targeted by a very elaborate and sophisticated ransomware attack. People are falling for it all...
Happening Now May 26, 2016

Microsoft Word hit by ransomware attacks

Attention all Microsoft Word users! Hackers are targeting you, your computer and your money with ransomware. Figure out how to protect yourself here.
Happening Now May 23, 2016

Security alert! New ransomware found inside Microsoft Word

A new ransomware attack starts with a simple Microsoft Word document. It ends with hackers demanding you pay up to $1,000 to unlock your...
Happening Now March 28, 2016