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Dangerous malware targeting Adobe Flash for Windows, Macs, and Chrome OS

Exploits are a popular technique for cybercriminals to deliver malware. Thankfully, the more aware you are of these types of attacks, the less likely...
Happening Now February 28, 2018

Major 'design flaw' in Intel processors exposes your passwords to hackers and slows down your PC by 30%

Does your computer have an Intel chip? This will affect you and people you know! A critical design flaw has been discovered and it...
Happening Now January 3, 2018

Huge Windows 10 flaw lets malware bypass security software!

Nearly 400 million Windows PCs are at risk of dangerous malware infections. A bug has been found that lets viruses slip in virtually undetected....
Happening Now September 13, 2017

New security flaw leaves door wide open for another global ransomware attack

Microsoft may have patched the flaw that led to the worldwide ransomware attack recently, but another massive security gap has just been discovered. More...
Happening Now May 27, 2017

Patch now! Critical bug found in popular operating system

There's an operating system out there that's more dominant than Windows, iOS or OS X, and it has a critical programming flaw. The newly-discovered...
Happening Now October 21, 2016

Huge OS flaw makes surfing the web a serious risk

A new security flaw in one of the world's top operating systems is leaving anyone who surfs the web vulnerable. Researchers discovered an exploit...
Happening Now August 11, 2016

A fast and free alternative to Windows and OS X

Tired of Windows and want an operating system that's faster and more secure? Give this Linux-based OS a shot.
Downloads March 23, 2016

Linux can be hacked by pressing Backspace 28 times

Linux is something of an oddity. It's a free, highly secure operating system that runs everything from the computers that are the backbone of the...
Happening Now December 17, 2015

The next Heartbleed is here - Linux users beware!

Heartbleed was the worst security bug in the history of the World Wide Web. Even two months later, hundreds of thousands of sites could...
Happening Now June 4, 2014