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Another Facebook hoax is making the rounds...don't fall for it

Kids trying to have a laugh with prank calls have always been corny but no harm was intended. Pranks and hoaxes still happen to...
Happening Now February 7, 2018

Watch out! Facebook hijacking malware is spreading

Facebook like-farming is currently a big business and cybercriminals are always finding ways to exploit our social media habits to make a quick buck....
Happening Now October 1, 2017

Don't fall for fake "iPhone 8 giveaway" Facebook pages

Who doesn't want a free iPhone 8? It's certainly a tempting offer. But, if you fall for one of these fake giveaway scams on...
Happening Now September 16, 2017

Another Facebook coupon scam spreading now

You know I love coupons, but not when they're being used to hide scams on Facebook. The latest scam is a promotion that will...
Happening Now July 7, 2017

5 online scams smart people are falling for

If you're like me, you're online constantly. But, as safe as the internet may seem at times, every single day it becomes more frightening....
Tips October 13, 2016

Watch out! Scams emerge surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are calling it quits, but that's not the biggest news spreading now. Fake claims and unsecure links are also...
Happening Now September 20, 2016

Facebook scam! Don't click "Like" again until you've read this

There's a new Facebook scam that's making the rounds, and it has to do with one of Apple's hottest new products. Have you seen...
Happening Now September 20, 2016


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