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Your smart TV is spying on you

Do you have or did you just get a “smart” TV? Most new models have smart technology, which means your TV will connect to...
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Billionaire innovators’ success secrets from today's top tech creators

Our world is constantly being shaped by inventors, entrepreneurs and geniuses who defy the odds and follow their dreams. If you have a great...
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Emergency Medical Tech: The latest devices that could save your life

Lifesaving technology has made incredible leaps in the past five years. Devices to stop massive bleeding, devices to track infants and Alzheimer’s patients, devices...
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Easiest way to keep up to date in the tech world

It can be difficult keeping up with the ever evolving tech world. New and improved gadgets, groundbreaking apps, and digital threats from cybercriminals across...
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Is Google making us dumb or making us smarter?

What if the internet isn’t just a resource, but actually an extension of mind? A cognitive brain enhancement tool that is transforming the way...
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How to download podcasts without overloading your phone

Podcasts are excellent ways to follow topics that matter to you, whether you love getting the scoop on newsworthy events or learning a new...
Tips August 15, 2017

Success secrets from today’s top tech innovators

Question: What does it take to invent the next breakthrough in technology? Answer: An idea, innovation and the courage to ignore the naysayers. Our...
Happening Now August 11, 2017

5 of my favorite podcasts you might have missed

As much as I love covering tech on my show, I don't always have the time I'd like to delve into the nitty, gritty...
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How to listen to free podcasts: The internet's fastest growing trend

You've heard me talk about the Komando On Demand Podcast before, but did you know that podcasts are one of the Internet's fastest growing...
Tips June 9, 2017

Living the dream - Money in the music stream

Back in the early years of broadcast, musicians and aspiring talk personalities relied solely on sponsorships and big businesses to put money in the...
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My Free Podcast: Listen on your tablet, phone, PC now

Subscribe to my 'Tech News This Week' podcast and stay up to date the easy way. This week, I'm sharing a behind-the-scenes look at...
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Free Komando podcast: Avoid ransomware pitfalls - Don't get trapped by hackers' newest snare

Imagine your most precious files - things like photographs, journal entries and home videos. What would you do if someone encrypted them, then asked...
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Easy ways to get the free Komando On Demand podcasts

The Komando On Demand podcast has millions of listeners around the world. Here's how to subscribe, and why everyone should.
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A new way to listen to podcasts on Android

Listening to podcasts on Android has always required third-party apps, like BeyondPod. Unlike Apple and its iTunes podcast section and app, Google hasn't had its...
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3 extreme couponing sites and secrets

Do you want to save up to 73% off your groceries? We've got three tips to help you save big.
Tips October 24, 2015

Listen to Kim's Free Komando On Demand podcasts

Each week, millions of people listen to the "Kim Komando Show" and Kim's daily "Digital Minute" on the radio. But many other people stay...
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