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Frightening Facebook scam spreading and tricking people

We've covered a number of tricky scams and rackets on social media, but the latest convoluted scheme hitting Facebook users takes the cake for...
Happening Now May 22, 2019

Counting down the biggest hacks of 2017

2017 has been a year dominated by major hacks. From the political hacks to the identity ones, you probably can’t keep track. As we...
Happening Now November 29, 2017

How to handle a terrorist attack if it happens to you

Our hearts and prayers go out to all in Orlando. It’s just so terrible. Last week, we released a new podcast about terrorism. I...
Happening Now June 13, 2016

How to stop terrorists before they kill or hurt you and how to escape or fight back

Terror attacks are happening everywhere. If terror finds you, what is your first priority for survival? Do you flee or fight? The proper mindset...
Happening Now June 12, 2016

How terrorists are taking over the Internet and why no one can stop them

Terrorist groups use the Internet to plan deadly attacks and recruit extremists. Here's why ISIS and other terrorists' online activity may never be stopped.
Happening Now April 3, 2016

Inside the Obama Administration’s Attempt To Bring Tech Companies Into the Fight Against ISIS

The Department of Justice brought together leaders from New York's ad agencies, Silicon Valley and Hollywood to fight a growing online threat: ISIS. The...
Happening Now February 29, 2016

Facebook gives free advertising to users that do this one thing

Facebook is helping to combat terrorism by encouraging its 1.6 billion members to denounce terrorist groups like ISIS. It's giving away a pretty nice...
Happening Now February 12, 2016

Novice hackers can now destroy infrastructure using this scary exploit

One of the great fears of cybersecurity experts is that hackers will break into the computer systems used by energy facilities and the government's...
Happening Now January 17, 2016

ISIS is building a driverless car. Guess why

Google, Audi, Ford, Tesla: Seems like everyone is working on driverless cars these days. You can add ISIS to the list, except the group's is...
Happening Now January 7, 2016

ISIS has its own app. Guess what it does

Apple's old marketing phrase, "There's an app for that," took a darker turn this week when the hackers of Ghost Security Group discovered that...
Happening Now December 18, 2015
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