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Caller finds $611,000 by asking Kim for advice

You know that Nigerian prince who offered you all that money, as long as you sent some to them first? Well that is still...
Happening Now July 17, 2018

Easy way to organize your receipts and business cards

Many people don't start thinking about filing taxes until the calendar flips over to April, which means they forget to keep track of important...
Apps April 19, 2018

IRS wants you to pay these tech taxes now

If you're dabbling in cryptocurrencies or are planning on getting into it while it's hot, there's one important detail you should know about -...
Happening Now April 12, 2018

Russian hackers are after your tax return, how not to get hacked

Ugh! It's that time of year again. Yep, you guessed it … tax season. Due to the massive Equifax data breach that was revealed...
Tips April 9, 2018

Popular tax software programs leave you at risk of ID theft and scams

E-filing is supposed to make getting your taxes to the IRS much easier. But it’s also prime season for hackers who are trying to...
Happening Now March 26, 2018

E-filing taxes? Watch out for fraud

According to the Free File Alliance, around 100 million Americans qualify to use the free filing software. But not all is rosy when it...
Tips March 22, 2018

Prepare and e-file your taxes from any device

When it comes to filing your taxes, you have plenty of options. You could hire an accountant, or go to a tax preparation place....
Downloads March 5, 2018

Tech you can take off your taxes

We know, we know. It's hard to make Tax Season fun, or simple or easy or not a huge hassle! There is a glimmer...
Tips March 3, 2018

Yes, you can file your taxes for free

If you aren't already excited, time to get there because it's tax season! Oh, you mean this isn't a time of year you look...
Cool Sites February 25, 2018

If you own Bitcoin, you might be shocked at the taxes you owe

By now I'm sure that you've at least heard of Bitcoin. It's been blowing up lately in the media due to its extremely high...
Happening Now January 29, 2018

This single IRS change can improve how we apply for credit

The IRS has had a rough last decade. From dealing with an 18 percent funding cut to having to implement the largest tax overhaul...
Happening Now January 3, 2018

FBI issues warning of W-2 email phishing scam

More than 200 businesses, public schools, universities and nonprofits have been victimized by a new W-2 scam spreading now. The more companies that are...
Happening Now August 23, 2017

What? The IRS will call you now!

Phone scams skyrocket during tax season. That's why the IRS has warned us for years that it would never call people to collect on...
Happening Now April 5, 2017

IRS warning! Watch out for these tax-themed phishing and malware scams

April 18 is right around the corner, which means tax-related scams are at an all-time high. As the deadline approaches, crooks are amping up...
Happening Now March 21, 2017

Protect your tax refund from crooks and hackers

Your tax refund is one piece of information away from being stolen. Here's how to make sure thieves don't get it.
Tips March 12, 2017

Best online tax preparation software and services

Well it's that time of year again, tax season. When it comes to filing, you have plenty of options. You could hire an accountant,...
Tips February 25, 2017

3 scary tax scams that are spreading like wildfire

Criminals love tax season because it's so easy to trick people out of information and money. Learn how they do it so you don't...
Tips February 20, 2017

Look out! New tax season phishing scam spreading now

Have a problem with your W-2? The latest phishing scam wants to give you that impression, and it's scary the trick scammers are using...
Happening Now February 9, 2017

Tax fraud skyrocketing! Avoid these common scams when you file

Tax season is here. But before you file, you need to read this. Fraud is on the rise and you won't believe how much...
Happening Now January 24, 2017

Learn from their mistakes: 3 stories of people who fell for scams, and what it cost them

You can avoid most scams if you know what to look for. Learn how these people got tricked so you can avoid their mistakes.
Tips April 23, 2016
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